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can the neighbors above me smell my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ittybitty, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I've never lived in an apartment before, can't smoke outside as a cop lives in the building and I'm on the front side everyone can see me in the complex just about. The people above me have a young daughter, if they aren't hip to the weed thing they'll probably freak out like most people ignorant to the plant do. Can they smell it? They are pretty new apartments if that makes a difference.
  2. Yup they can, if your smoking it inside. I used to live in a place with a guy who smoked weed upstairs above me, and it would always reak in the basement/my place.
  3. It honestly depends on the quantity of your marijuana. Most likely a gram will not smell that much
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    Agree with the post above me... I lived in a duplex and we stayed on top. Our downstairs neighbors told us the smell traveled downstairs most times and definately in the hall way. They didn't give a fuck, but it provides consideration toward my next place.a

    Edit: I agree two posts above me
  5. best bet is to smoke in the bathroom with the fan on, i used to do it at my moms, but she also cranked cigarettes in that apartment so it wasn't hard to cover up.
  6. shit that sucks cause I been smoking for like the last 24 hours straight. Well I'll go buy some inscense and some dryer sheets.
  7. Wait wait wait.

    You live next to a cop?

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    This isn't necessary, I've lived in two different apartments over the past 3.5 years both within a stones throw from an active officers apartment. You'd be surprised at how tolerant officers are when they come home in the evenings. I've talked to the guys a few times while drinking in the stairwells with friends and most of the time they act like reasonable individuals. I know this isn't the case everywhere and I'm in a non tolerant mmj state but you shouldn't worry about where you live as long as you stay smart about your business.
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  9. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

    most headshops have these as well. good investment and then just load 1 hitters into your bong or pipe so there isnt smoke at all
  10. yeah, don't fuck with that. i would not take the chance
  11. if you have a balcony just go out there and have a toke, if not i would invest in a smoke buddy like XiaoGG said.
  12. i know of 4 different cops that cant wait to retire and be able to smoke some weed, three of them are on special units like swat kind of shit so they cant smoke ever while they are they are there because of drug test possibility...

    all of them used to be stoners when they where younger and wish they could smoke everyonce in a blue moon but they cant.

    also, use a sploof out the window should be fine or smoke buddy, but homemade ones can be cheaper and work just as well if you design it right...
  13. I would just use a bong+ smoke buddy, vaporizer or edibles I would think you'd be able to smoke a good bit without them smelling idk never lived in an apartment
  14. my next door neighbor is a cop, her husband is a united states air force special investigator, and they had me over for drinks last weeked........Im 20. (and they know this) lol
  15. some cops are chill...i lived in a complex once with a cop (not the same building) but she did notice her building smelt, she didn't take it up with the pd but did notify the office and they out up bulletins and shit. but you could get stuck living next to a dick cop who, next time on duty, may swing by for a neighborly visit and notice some smells...
  16. more than likely.when i lived in an apartment there were a few times when my dad would come home and tell me the entire hallway of the apartment reeked like weed.
    it only happened when i had really dank stuff though,im sure reggies wont smell to bad though.
  17. Dude just pack punchable cones and blow the hauls out the window, it's easy!
  18. Just crack the window (unless its too hot out), Towel your door (or get a draft guard), put weather stripping all around your front door, incense is good too and it ussually helps create a better smoking atmosphere. You could also use a spoof but unless you have parents or something to worry about I wouldn't.

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