Can the end of the semester come.. ANY SLOWER!?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Hey-lo everyone. It tis been awhile since i've been on the site. The reason? COLLEGE!?!?!

    ...I just wanted to vent my frustration at the fact that I ONLY have one more week (this week is the last week of class.. next week is finals) left until my summer break. The semester FLEW by- and now that I only have 7 days left I feel like I have 2 years.

    Its only wedn... I feel like its still monday.

    Anyways, is anyone else going throught the final blues? I am taking 18 credits- so its kinda a bitch. Plus I work 30 hours a week at an office.. which means.. I need to do work, other than homework.

    Can the summer come.. ANY SLOWER?? (okay I know its only 2 weeks.. and once finals are over Im gonna look back and say: THAT WASNT HARD!?!?!........ but still.)

    (on a random note: TheColonel and I always take a vacation... we are not sure where we are going yet. Here are the ideas we are throwing around: -Jamaica -St. Maarten -Road Trip -VEGAS!!....... ANY OTHER THOUGHTS OR IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS to where to go??)

    Anyways I hope ya'll who are going through finals make it alive. I am about to go study then take a bong hit. To all of those who feel my pain, I will dedicate it to you!


    Lookin' forward to being able to post more and more often.. I often feel guilty surfing the net when I have a textbook staring at me saying: "You have homework to do.....don't you want to graduate and get lots of money..."

    ...although if I do focus- lots o' money= lots o' pot.. AKA - FUN PICS TO POST! done rambling... off to take a bong hit and to study Russian History. (see.. my priorities changed! BONG HIT.. THEN study.)

  2. haha hush up CP i am in the middle of week 5(fucking quarters) so i still got 6 more weeks(june 9th is my last day)

    but i hear ya, shit is going by soooo slowly. most of my friends are on semesters too so they all get to enjoy summer early. ah well i got to go to school later than they did and got a HUGE winter break.......but right now, id trade that in a heartbeat....fuck school
  3. damn boys, only 9 days of classes left on the calender, but only 2 in class exams so 7 days for me! Good luck.
  4. I hear school doesn't get out till may 23ish because we have a long winter break (dec17-feb6) then it was great, but now i'm wishing things were different!! Just getting to that crunch point in the semester, and a ton of my friends have less than a month left balls!!!
  5. I got 3 more weeks and I'm done, but my summer is filled w/ even more school.
  6. Yeah, today is my last day of classes (then finals week). B)
  7. I hear ya CP. This is my last day before finals. Ugh. I really don't care. All my classes are cakewalks. 'Cept Freshmen Comp
  8. If your looking for a vacation spot, St. John USVI. Its got great beaches if your into that, some pretty decent night life but then again you can always take a 10 minute boat ride over to St.Thomas or a british island. I love going there and chillin on the beach smoking a blunt drinking some red stripe. The bud there is pretty nice and cheap for caribean buds, much better than any of the stuff i smoked in Jamaica. But its not the place if your interested in lots of people, huge parties and clubbing type stuff. FOr that i would recomend checking out spain, they got some crazy fucking night life over thurr.

    here is a sick picture i took from the back porch at my families house on st. john while smoking a nice blunt.


    just think about all the fun your gonna have when finals are over.... good luck man.
  9. I've been to St. Thomas. Very nice place. Lots of Rastas, one of whom I bought a CD from. Suprisingly empty, as in, you sorta feel like you're not in a tourist place just because things aren't all crammed together. Sights like the one KA posted are all over the place.
  10. Thanks for your replies everybody!

    Still chuggin along...

    Kadernal: thanks for the info. Colonel and i are really basing this trip around 2 specific criteria.

    1. Cheap airfare and hotels
    2. Easily accesible chron

    Neither of us is interested in crazy parties or night life. Thats something we like to escape from when we go on vacations. We'll look into St. John for sure. :) thanks! nice pic btw.
  11. Just remember that some of us only have 4 weeks of "summer" every year.
  12. Im in highschool, my semester ends may and then the last exam day is June 1st, freedom at last(didnt apply for college, im to poor and to dumb for scholarships)
  13. Look into trades, paranoia. You can easily make as much as a university grad. I know master tradespeople that clear over 120k a year.

    They pay you while you're in apprenticeship, and you have a secured job as soon as your done with your training.

    definatley worth a look.

    Been doing it my entire life and i still am amazed by the fact that i get paid to get up every morning and build stuff.

    Not to mention that the majority of people in trades smoke weed (little bit of a generalization, but you'd be surprised)
  14. Eh, atm id be happy with a full time job at bestbuy and a roomate who smoked as much as me in an apartment complex with a nice dealer

    to bad thats not happening, and i dont think id be good in any trades
  15. Finals week is this week for both of us. Our "summer" is going to consist of this short vacation since we both work and go to school full time. We're just looking forward to not having to deal w/ school for a while.:hello: its going to be a big relief.

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