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Can the doctor tell if I smoke weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. You can tell a doctor basically anything (except for murder/rape) and they can't tell anyone due to doctor/patient confidentiality
  2. How can I prove to you Im older than 18 :smoke:
  3. I think some propaganda bs
  4. [quote name='"stoned42"']

    Yep :D what about (hypothetically) on a undeveloped brain if that person smokes once a week?[/quote]

    that doesn't scream underage what so ever.
  5. Im 20... how can I prove it to you?
  6. [quote name='"stoned42"']

    Im 20... how can I prove it to you?[/quote]

    Upload a picture of your drivers license and social security card. It's the only way.

  7. This is true, I have asthma and after smoking for a few hours after I can take deep ass breaths lol
  8. I was very surprised top find that my lung capacity was 30% lower than it had been on thr prescription meds.
  9. Manz gonna unsubscribe from this thread soon
  10. This kid is 12... look at all of his indecisive weed threads

  11. exactly what i'm sayin
  12. It's really hard for him to tell unless with a drug test.If he asks and you don't want him to know just tell him I smoke cig's

    No he is not supposed to tell or get you in trouble with the law.
  13. If you are taking any meds your Doc needs to know about your Cannabis use to make sure the isn't a bad reaction between Cannabis and anything else the Doc scriped you.
  14. You are right I should but I will not tell him. I don't want to take s chance leo finding out in anyway. Medical records can be read by others. Saying I smoked a cigarette or cigar to my doctor maybe.
  15. As long as Im 18 plus the doctor cant do anything right?
  16. No, not unless you send some urine to the lab, and the doctor can't tell ANYONE! Your asthma checkups will be fine unless you smoke cigs because marijuana don't cause noticeable air obstruction.
  17. i have asthma too and it helps....
  18. I've told my doctor that I've smoked weed. They don't care - a LOT of people smoke, though whether they care to admit to it is a different story. Smoking weed on occasion is a hell of a lot healthier than cigarettes daily.

  19. although weed definitely helps with asthma relief, the act of smoking itself can causes issues for those with asthma.

    that's why i vape now. (asthma relief is why i ended up getting a medical card)
  20. I was vaping but just like bong hits do much better

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