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Can the doctor tell if I smoke weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I just had another asthma test.
    A few months ago I stop taking the 4 meds they had me on and just used cannabis.
    The test showed my lungs had gotten worse with a decrease in lung volume of 30%.
    I would never tell the doc about my weed use.
    Almost daily I vape or smoke.
    I had heard people post that weed cured their asthma.
    Not in my case anyway.
    But my doctor can not tell that I use weed.
  2. they will sometimes do tests randomly without your consent even though they aren't supposed to. For example, when you have to give a urine sample for something else. Some docs don't really care too much if you're not on other stuff too. And they aren't allowed to tell anyone unless you're under 18, but they can refuse to see you any more if they're against it. That's happened to me once.
  3. I just figure that admitting it is not necessary.
  4. I'd never admit it. But I know there are probably a few docs who know I do it but never said anything because they don't care.
  5. Ahh thanks man, sad news though :( I heard weed actually increases lung capacity though :confused:

  6. You've made numerous threads about the effects of MJ :rolleyes:
  7. I openly tell my Drs. that I smoke pot when he asks if I smoke. Never had any of them bat an eye, they don't give a shit. I half expect them to ask me if I brought any with me.

    If you don't want your Dr. to know, then don't smell of weed, and use clear eyes.
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    Yea and if it isn't pro weed he automatically considers it false, even if it was a published scientific study in a Neurological Journal that's published by Oxford University.

    Effect of long-term cannabis use on axonal fibre connectivity (I don't 100% believe this yet, waiting for other medical professionals opinions on the study to draw a full conclusion)

    and the thread:

    His response to me was that I shouldn't believe everything I read. Also tried to compare a scientific study to CLEARLY biased news articles (aka not scientific studies) Cannabis 'kills 30,000 a year' | Mail Online

    I tried asking him to post a scientific study that proves the above (Effect of long-term cannabis use on axonal fibre connectivity) wrong, but the thread was deleted for some reason

  9. *hint, hint*
  10. i think doctors wanna help you, not get you in trouble
  11. XD do you think Im a kid :eek: prove it :devious:

  12. Why was my thread deleted :L :mad:

    Anyways, "Our findings indicate long-term cannabis use is hazardous to the white matter of the developing brain. Delaying the age at which regular use begins may minimize the severity of microstructural impairment." Look at the word "regular use" which is people who smoke daily Im talking about weekend tokers, sorry if I got a bit angry before XD

  13. What if you are "hypothetically" banned? :eek: You nearly prove it in many of your posts. :smoke:

  14. this. thanks for backing me up :smoke:

  15. it's all good, but I forget exactly what it was about in the other thread and I have no idea why it was deleted
  16. Uh, that whole doctor-patient confidentiality is between adults, so there will be no telling Mom.

    Unless I'm wrong in assuming that OP is at least 18... :rolleyes:
  17. i have always been honest with my doctor's about my smoking.
    if they ask i tell them. not sure why i have always been honest with them.
    maybe its because my life is basically in their hands.
  18. Just grow a pair, dude.
  19. I had read that mj helps and cures asthma but it didn't in my case. I have only found one particular med that is prescribed that will increase my lung function. I gave it a try didn't work for me.

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