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Can the doctor tell if I smoke weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Well I smoke weed usually pipes and joints, I have asthma so I get checkups like breathing into some tube, I smoke weed around once a week but more during breaks so I have a few questions
    1 can the doctor tell?
    2 would I get in trouble with the law if he could tell?
    3 how could I prevent the doctor from knowing during my asthma checkups
  2. He will not be able to tell.
  3. No you wont get in confidentiality :p
  4. [quote name='"VaporDreams"']He will not be able to tell.[/quote]

    And even of he could, he legally can't tell the cops lol patient confidentiality. He might tell your mom tho, prepare to lose your Xbox
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    1. No, doctors have patient confidentiality
    2. not sure because they have patient conf.
    3. Weed is a bronchial dilator (expands airways in/to lungs) and is actually an effective treatment for asthma

    here's links for the laws:

    (I didn't read so I may be wrong above)

    here's a study for asthma and mj:
  6. If your 18 he can't tell your parents anything unless you sign a release. Just tell your doc man. Shouldn't hide things from them
  7. LOOL some of these answers :rolls eyes: but that's good then, thanks :smoke:
  8. 1. only if you show up baked, they would have to test for it in your system
    2. no, patient/doctor confidentiality
    3. dont get tested for it?

  9. Thanks man by 1 I meant like could the doctor find out and wow 3 got me in a better mood :smoke: my friend keeps on insisting to put tobacco in my joints but I keep it green ;)
  10. [quote name='"purplerhino"']
    3. Weed is a bronchial dilator (expands airways in/to lungs) and is actually an effective treatment for asthma[/quote]

    Didn't know that, but it explains why I never have a problem with my asthma after smoking MJ, but I will if I'm around cig smoke.
    3. Why bother
  12. doesn't matter if your doctor knows you smoke pot
  13. Yes XD hell complain smoke isn't exactly help for my asthma
  14. Oh while were discussing the risks of the herb, does cannabis make your memory worse cause I need to study and everything?

  15. Just don't study or go to class high and you'll be fine (assuming you study and take the time to learn the material, just don't do it high)

  16. Yep :D what about (hypothetically) on a undeveloped brain if that person smokes once a week?

  17. Scientifically marijuana tends to only affect short term memory and only while high, so as long as you study enough to where it becomes long term it's fine, but this also differs from person to person because some people can commit info to long term easier than others or they have better study techniques etc. etc.

  18. Assuming he's 18 or older the doctor wouldn't say anything.
  19. Thanks :smoke:

  20. This ^^ priceless XD

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