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Can sum1 help me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H4ZER, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I want to buy sum realy good weed what i mostly smoke is i believe to be mids,this type of weed called loud(im not so sure its loud though)can sum1 give me characteristics of loud ITS SUPPOSE TO BE STRONG and dank weed give me details on it so i will know what im smoking and im starting to get a strong tolerance i need sum stronger weeds can sum1 tell me sum that i may b able to obtain in a highschool setting.Also, what are some good buds that provide a great high and how can i tell if im smoking mids,loud,dank,kush,purp,budda,sticky icky,orange kush or orange krush,please give me your knowledge i need some good weed to smoke i got plenty but i want sumthin stronger.
  2. Well, I'm in a highschool area too, and I'm able to pick up good bud ( White widow, Sour diesel, etc).

    You can tell if a bud is kush cause kush has a skunky, and very weird smell and taste to it.
  3. And you tell if it is "purps" by whether its slightly purple. Not too hard to figure out...
  4. lol most any high quality chronic has a skunky smell and taste. so is diesel considered kush?
    not tryna bash on ya mate haha, but makes no sense.
  5. Yeah, I really don't got much knowledge of kush, so I just tried helping him out with what I heard or picked up.

    Thanks for fixing it though.

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