can stress cause early flowering?

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  1. So i have posted some pictures of one of my plants to see if it was a male and it was (thank u all who responded) but 1 question remained unanswered to me. why did it flower or is that considered flowering?
    please see photo of the plant i threw away below.
    but my question is this, i have 5 of them growing outside in 5 gallon buckets in DWC system. they all seem to be doing great. I went on a trip and asked a friend to water them for me and he missed it by a few days and the plant below ran out of water and was tipped over. he added water put it back an by the time i got back it was doing good again but it looks like it matured? flowered? i dont even know what the term is for that. so i guess my question is , can the stress of no nutrients no water (basically about 30hrs of being out of the bucket) cause it to flower?
    only asking because i dont think its time for them to flower just yet given that me being in los angeles there is way over 12hrs of daylight and the other 4 are not showing signs of flowering yet. IMG_20190819_132551.jpg
  2. Stress cause flower ...No

    but it can led to herming later

    keep your damaged plant in low light for 2 days and monitor for shock

    I'd also spray some sugar water(honey water) a TSP of honey to a pint of warm water

    spray 2x day for 2-3 days

    good luck
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  3. I have never heard of stress causing early flowering......Like vostok said........I have heard stress causing females to hermie or to start to re-veg.....but not starting flowering.
  4. in the picture i uploaded, does that look like its flowering or whatever its called or is that normal veg state?
    sorry for all the nub questions, this is my 1st time ever growing so its a nice learning curve for me :)
  5. He will be spraying the first of his pollen in about 3 weeks

    correct that I see a flower already open bottom left

  6. I would believe maybe it does I have one going just now. IMG_6736.JPG
    This was one of mine before I got it into hydro was total fucked. And it’s 6 weeks old now. And it’s been flowering for maybe 3 easy. IMG_7263.JPG
    You’d be lucky if it was 6 inch tall.
  7. looks germinated to me .
    Part male ( AKA Hermi
  8. Should I leave it or take it out cos have 3 autos in there. Not long before they hit flowering ?
  9. Good question. If you seed an auto will its offspring be autos?

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  10. That's all on you ..
  11. I’m not seeing sacks. I’ll try get some diff pics tomoz and post them see what yous think. That pic looks blurry when it’s uploaded.
  12. Looks germinated ….first photo
  13. There’s more if you’d still think it’s hermd it’s comin out later.
    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG IMG_7294.JPG

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  14. The plant in the first photo , is a male or germinated or both as in a hermi .

    No offense but I do things different .
    I only use regular seeds not feminized .
    And I clone off my established female plants .
    I don't have your issues .………..

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