Can somone tell me were to find a nitrous cracker?

Discussion in 'General' started by J-Sin420, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. this really sucks i have some nirtrous chargers on the way through mail....all as i need is the cracker but cant find one do any of you guys know of a place?
  2. im sure nubbin could tell him or somethjin
  3. Lots of head shops sell them, cookware stores sell the whipped cream dispensers that use nitrous cartridges, you can also go to a sporting goods store and find one of those instant bike tire inflators that use co2 cartridges, just put the nitrous cartridge in the chamber instead of the co2 charger. Use a balloon and inflate it full of the nitrous and then inhale from that, the best balloons are those thick ones that are used for those cheap boxing bags with the weird nipple at the end for a rubber band tie.
  4. sseeee WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!?!

    looks like this pantsless smurf guy, has your av on the ropes too..
  5. well can somone post a link of a page with nitros cracker the head shops around here dont carry em
  6. I can get you a nitrous cracker in two steps:
    1: give me the nitrous
    2: I'll be a cracker on nitrous
    I hope that solves your problem
  7. bro this thread is like...... 5 years old or somethin
  8. hahahahahaahaaaaaaa

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