Can somone identify?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by craigiscool, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. i have some weed that i get from my friend.. i am getting 3/4 ounce for 75$. I can take some pictures for ya. Just wondering if i took a picture and put it on here someone could identify its type. thanks.

  2. like said need pic to tell ya,or did ya smoke it up or not get it?
  3. also a smoke report would help too...
  4. finally, got my cam workin agian. .sorry about the quality of the pics i see if my friend cant take some pics too.

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  5. another pic

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  6. IMO it looks kinda schwaggy. All pushed togehter and the leaves are pretty big, I'd say indica however from observation.
  7. Looks like some low quality midgrade.
  8. only took 3 bowls on a soda can bong to fuck me over.
  9. hgj

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  10. hjk

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  11. How long did your high off those 3 bowls last?
  12. the high was from like 6 til lwhenevr i passed out that night, like 10 or 10:30 probably. And yea, it is a zippo.
  13. Doesnt sound that bad then. If it gets you nicely high for 4 hours off 3 bowls i dont care what it looks like :smoke:
  14. thing was i not sure if it was even 3 bowls. Cause i used a soda can bong. I put a peiceof bud on there that is bouyt the size of a soda can top.. the lil metal thignys used to pop open the can. But 3 of those on there... i only used bout a nic.
  15. took you 3 bowls damn!
  16. naw but they some small ass bowls... i mead put a pennie on the screen and burn it up. .then put 2 more 2 penny worths on there. .and then i couldnt stand up.

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