can somoeone ID these shrooms?

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  1. they stain red when bruised and where found on a leaf pile thanks for the help and i will not eat these unless they are IDed as an edible mushroom and its a sure ID
    thanks blades
  2. not to smart man
  3. we cant ID it, but your tummy can.

    kind of a one shot deal though.
  4. actually their are people that can ID shrooms if there wasnt y take spore prints and so on? there are also field guides to help ID them but i cant find anything on these i think they could be some kind of silvaticus but im not sure
  5. Red bruising? You can eat them if you want to, if you want your death to be pro-longed and excruciating.
  6. Those are not psylocibin. Don't have anything to prove it, but from what the pics look like it's a no go

  7. That would be correct. Those aren't pyschedelic mushrooms, and I would NOT advice you eat them.

    If they stain red/orange/yellow, the general rule is NOT to eat them. Most magical mushrooms drop between blue- a dark dark purple-color spore print. And they stain the same color.

    White's and other colors are normally safe too. I would suggest you buy a field guide book, they're really useful.

  8. Only thing I would add, is that brown prints are very common and they also generally represent non-actives

    Great Info! Its nice to see more and more people who are proper informed!
  9. hey dude those are some kind of POISON
  10. Trust me...........


    or do it and suffer from15+ symptoms to death.
  11. i WONT be eating these but thanks for all the info

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