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Can someone tell me why marijuana is called pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ihatemyusername, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I've never understood this at all:confused:
  2. You can grow it in a pot?
  3. yea y is it called pot? makes no sense lol
  4. "The nickname Pot comes from the Spanish word Potiguaya, which means Marijuana Leaves. It's a Mexican-Spanish word that is a contraction of potación de guaya, which referred to an alcoholic drink made of marijuana leaves soaked in Brandy or Wine. The name became popular in the United States in the late 1930s and early 1940s."
  5. yes he speaks the truth :smoke:
  6. Thanks for the newsflash Tom Brokaw!

    jk, I didn't know that until now. :smoke:
  7. you sir.. you win
  8. Okay thanks. /thread:cool:
  9. I feel enlightened
  10. yea me to
  11. The real questions is why is pot called marijuana? Marijuana is a term put out by the Reefer Madness Craze to scare Americans into making their beloved Indian Hemp/pot/cannabis illegal. It was a crazy new Devil Plant all those Evil Wetbacks were bringing into America to destroy our youth! It most certainly was not hemp, the plant that in all actuality made America.
  12. No. Marijuana was a word for cannabis used in Mexico long before the reefer madness craze.
  13. It was used by very few people in comparison to any of the others, in fact it was very far from common. That's why it worked.
  14. Pot AND marijuana were Spanish/Mexican words made up to sound scary right before prohibition started. Everyone back then knew what cannabis and hemp was, but since they used different words, it became a classic case of fear of the unknown.

  15. +Rep :)

  16. you resurrected a 3 year old thread because someone linked it in ANOTHER thread, in which, the op was proven to be ridiculous, by the info in that post alone

    that dude gets +rep indeed lol probably doesnt even come here anymore... who knows
  17. And the point that he has neutral rep dsnt help... lol hey atleast I did learn something from an old thread
  18. Thought it was because your parents flushed it down the pot
  19. So I have to be that guy who says its grown in a pot hence "pot"

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