Can someone tell me what went wrong for future grows?

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  1. Here's the deal, my brother gave a this plant along with 2 others, and when I got it knowing my brother I'm sure it has been through some stress and moved a bit. I've had it since the end of November under a 600w hps 12/12. He grew it under a DIY cfl setup that had 4 100w bulbs, I think they were 23w ones. Since I've had it the buds have developed pretty nice but I still think it is pretty short. It's been in miracle grow potting soil, and I have know knowledge of nutrients so none have been applied. Any feed back would be great for my future grow in a month
  2. How do I add photos from my iPhone?
  3. Here Is a pic right after the light went off
  4. No pix. But I will say this. Miracle grow soil...... not good for cannabis. Your pH needs to be in check, and nuts have to be administered at proper levels.
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    Ok man from previoius experience miracle grow soil is a no, probably wasn't vegged for long enough either, i like to veg my plants taking into account the stretch to be as big as i want them to be, i wait until i've got plenty of furture cola sites.
    For your next grow i'd get some good soil/compost even tomato compost soil is better than miracle grow, get some good genetics from a reptuable seed bank, strains i'd reccomend for a new indoor grower, northern lights, pineapple chunk, critical mass, aghan kush, AK47, it's important to try to stick to Indica dominant strains unless space isn't an issue.
    The problem with using random seeds/plants you know nothing about is you don't know the genetics, a plant that has hemied before will hermie again under the same conditions, it's always best to try and stick to good genetics for your yield, smoke, and growing experience.
    Vegative nutrients sea weed extract ect.. i like to go organic it's up to you, a rule of thumb to avoid nutrient burn is to use -50% of the reccomened mix, nutrients are needed after the first month at least if there in good soil.
    For the flowering stage get some flowering branded nutrients, visit your local hydro/gardening shop ect..
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  6. Thanx for the input, any recommendations on a good bag soil? And how do you private message people, I'm on my iPhone now so it's a pain in the ass to attach pics but I will post pics from PC within the hour
    I'm a fan of fox farm happy frog... I'm a newbie too and that has been working pretty well, all the mistakes and accidents have been my fault, not the soils lol
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  8. get some liquid or dry kool bloom. it is a high phosphorus and potassium flowering nute and will do wonders for bud production
  9. So let me get this straight, if I use something like happy frog it should keep it supplied with what it needs through the veg state? I've read into perpetual harvest, but I don't think it's a good idea for a beginner suck as myself
  10. Seems like I would need some hands on exp for a couple grows before I start that
  11. I really just ready to chop the fucker down and start crews with a better strain, like I said, it was just some bag seeds
  12. Yes. Most quality soils will have enough nutrients to support a plant through a reasonable veg period. Now if you plan vegging for say 2 months or until it's quite tall than you'll want to ammend with some nutrients. Individual results vary and there are a lot of factors that may make it necessary to give some nutrients during veg.
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  13. Do I need to veg for for longer than a month? From what I have read 1 month of veg and 2 months of flowering
  14. Still trying to put pics up image.jpg image.jpg
  15. It all depends on if you are going from seed or from clone. Some people veg short to have a higher turnover but smaller lower yield plants, some growers like to do less plants but veg 2-3 months. I decided on my first grow to veg 6 weeks from seed. About a week and a half before flipping to 12/12 they started showing signs of needing nutrients and that's when I started them on their flower nutrients. 6 weeks of veg allowed 4 plants in 5 gallon containers that were topped just once to completely fill up a 3x3 tent...if that helps put it into perspective.
  16. How long did you flower? And what was your yeild after it was dried
  17. Just looks like it couldve been vegged longer. Mg isnt good soil for cannabis but the plant looks fine, you can grow just fine in mg its just sub par and has a larger margin for problemsFinish it out, and start again with some nice genetics and quality soil
  18. How will I know when it's ready? I've had it under a 600w hps fsince the end of November so about 2 months
  19. If I harvested now, dried and cured would it still be decent bud?
  20. They were in 18/6 veg for 42 days. In 12/12 flower for 66 days. Trimmed and dried I finished with 8 oz (no counting popcorn buds, had 3 oz of popcorn and trim) out of 4 plants under a 400w hid setup.

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