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Can Someone Tell Me What This Is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Architect, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. I was given a couple grams of this a couple months ago, one of the best highs of my life. I was told it was bubble hash, however I've had bubble hash multiple times in the following months, and it did not look / smoke like this at all. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could identify the following substance.
    It could very well be a form of concentrate... still, I'd like to know what form.

  2. It looks like wax. Which is a form of BHO. It does not look like bubble hash to me. And BHO is way more potent then bubble hash which would explain why you didnt get the same high when you tried bubble hash again.
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    ANything smaller than around a 75 micron bag of bubble done right will be "FULL MELT" and look just like some dank wax.
    Thats what you have there. look for ~ 75-45micron. The best part is only solvent used is ice and water.
    Bubble hash just refers to the process of using "Bubble Bags". There are varying qualities.
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    shit, he GAVE you a couple grams of wax/hash? 
  5. just like unmentionables... the first time is always free. Then once your hooked... shit is $40/gram.
  6. #6 The Architect, Sep 1, 2013
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    Thanks guys I've never come accross BHO in this form. I have friends who grow and some who work in High Times and NORML so they get this stuff all the time, giving it away is nothing special for them. I guess the guy who gave it to me must have had a lot of stuff on his plate that day because usually he knows what he's talking about.
    I don't purchase weed. I grow and I'm given substances by my friends. The only thing I'll spend money on are the paraphernalias.
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  7. bosslobbyz told ya. It's wax my
  8. I'd like some of that right now;) I do happen to have some nice Hindu at the moment though.
  9. Not BHO if they said it was bubble.
  10. a lot of bho was diff textures honey comb , shatter most don't have the bubble effect
  11. Man, Bubble hash, I'm not talking about bubbling or melting they all bubble if they are pure enough. This is bubble hash, NOT BHO.
    If they told you it was bubble has, they didn't use any butane, just ice, water and bubble bags.
  12. eggo my Lego?
  13. You're right man, in my opinion anyway.
    That's probably bubble hash done properly.
  14. lol, ok... and thanks medicine man. I love me some good bubble hash, BHO is awesome don't get me wrong but this stuff here is real gold.
  15. hhahahaha you dont know shit about that dablife gtfo. your tryna call me a fake. and tell me i dont smoke dank. check out my reply of my bud 3gs for 10. nd my bho shatter for 20 a g. you can keep hatin but you dont shit about tht dablife. tryna call me out. 
  16. Damn nigga u hard u hard
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  17. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure its a KFC Boneless Buffalo Wing.
  18. nah hear me out real quik. tht came on everything i posted tryna call me fake. then i post pics and he doesnt reply. he saids me a msg sayin leave me alone nd backoff. cuz he4 knows he was wrong that dumbass also made a thread asking what his nasty bho was. tryna call me out sayin idk what dank is. ahahahahahah fooo got put in his place tho
  19. cool story bro!!
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