Can someone tell me if this would work for bud?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Justdontcare, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I wouldn't buy that. Listen Vaporizers are expensive. If you want a vape you are going to need to be willing to throw up some money. If you buy these cheap fucking things you a) are probably going to combust a lot and b) god knows what your really inhaling.
  2. Combust? Do you mean the vape is going to explode and go on fire?

  3. It could........hahahaha, but I think he was talking about combusting your bud, not the vape.
  4. ^^ MUCH better choice, but if you're buying on ebay, make sure that the serial numbers are not scratched off otherwise your warranty will be null and void.

    You might also want to check out the VaporGenie's. They too are in your price range.
  5. personally, i wouldnt buy any vaporizer that cheap, if u really want to experience what its like to vape save up 250 and buy a high end vaporizer , i recommend any 7th floor vaprizsrs. you will be turned off if you get a cheap one cuz they suck
  6. You don't need to save up 250 bucks for a vape.

    The Buddha, the Solo, the LSV, the Extreme Q, the UD and many others sell for far less than 250 and are GREAT vapes.
  7. Do not buy that vape you linked to. They are crap. I know, I owned one.

    I have a MFLB and I like it but they are really mostly made for stealth and portability.

    If you want to do vape sessions, and maybe sometimes share with friends you really need a desk vape. I really like the Buddha for the price but as listed above, there are many good ones.

  8. Not true.. Especially for someone new on Vapes. He shouldnt go out and buy top of the line and throw away 250 when he doesnt even know if he likes vaporizing.

  9. I'd get the MFLB for a starter, it's cheap but effective for what it's made of. I got one and liked the vape high, and wanted more. So I got a Da Buddha. Best decision ever. :hello:

  10. I too started on the MFLB... upgraded to a Solo!

  11. I Just ordered the MFLB from that same link you just posted. Ordered it last night. I hope it's as good as it say it is. Its gonna be my first time vaporizing. I heard I'ts really good for its price and it's stealthy. I'll post a new thread about my thoughts on it when I get it in the mail :):smoking:

  12. The MFLB has a steep learning curve for many. Some pick it up right away. Some never do.

    Once you find the sweet spot, it's a pretty good vape. I never found it.

    If the MFLB doesn't do it for you, don't give up on vaping. It may just be that you haven't been able to nail the MFLB but may find other vaporizers that will work great for you.
  13. I started on the mflb and it was a great beginner vape.I have moved on to the Pax and love it.I was really happy with the mflb for a while and would recommend it to many of my friends.
  14. I used the MLFB for a while and liked it. It has a bit of a learning curve.
  15. On the other hand, if you go for a cheap one, you will almost surely decide you don't like vaping without ever really having had a good vaporizing experience. As has been said, you can get a very good vaporizer for at or under $200. It's always better to try before you buy, if possible, but I think it's a mistake to go cheap on this.
  16. You recommend 7th floor but claim you need 250? None of them are 250.

    You can get a Buddha for 130-160, a Saber for 160-200, and a Surfer for 200-230. I've used all three extensively.

    I too highly recommend saving for one of those though.

    However, the MFLB and Vapor Genie are acceptable vapes as well - but just barely. They're the cheapest out there that isn't a waste of money. Both portable too.

    Better portables include the Arizer Solo around 150. Its a bit bigger than the MFLB and the Genie, but its damn close to plug-in quality for a nice price.
  17. silvef surfers are not that cheap unless u live in colorado
  18. That's not true. I have a Silver Surfer for that cheap. Brand new. I don't live in Colorado.

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