Can someone tell me if I got acid or a dox or someother bullshit

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    Quick question I kno this is a forum for mainly earb smoking, but. Today I bought some acid from this hippie and he said its some silver tab from san francisco I obviously know there arn't a bunch of different strains of acid but I bought 6 hits ate them all and gave my friend one So, I can chill with my family and hold conversations my eyes are not big at all but I was looking at a plate of food and the mashed potatoes had a eskimo lady with a bunch of wolves around her chillin and Ive been seeing faces in everything. also I ate a peach like I bit it and could see the core and it looked like an old ass wrinkled man and it said owwwwwww. so, before when I took some acid clocks were popping off the wall and everything was moving around so what the fuck did I take today was it acid he handed me such a small piece of paper and said thats six hits. also for anyone who wants to trip or is baked or whatever check out this site

  2. I thought that to but, when I close my eyes I see a kaliedoscope pattern and Im tripping pretty hard, im just wondering why its so different than my other trips
  3. you would never be able to put six blotters of DOx in your mouth without realizing something fishy is up.
  4. What the fuck is that?! It's actually pretty cool haha
  5. Larry Carlson is a trippy mofo.
  6. Sounds like an acid trip. I ve seen lots of shit in food on acid.
  7. Different potencies, Different chemical make ups, all give you slightly different trips. I know a guy in California who knows how to extract the mescaline out the San Pedro Cacti and purify it into gel caps,, man talk about tripping..He's been working on a way to gelcap shrooms to but it's been years since I lived in cali or talked to him so I don't know how thats going..

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