can someone tell me about this?

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  1. hey guys. i live in a small town in Hungary near Budapest i dunno if any of you guys heard of it, its called szigethalom. but anyways, the dope here just grows right off the bush, and i CAN tell which is female and which is male, but i dont even know if its even worth it to smoke when its budded. and if it is worth it to smoke, then what would be a good time to harvest it? i put a picture up, and the plant is female, but i dont know why it has these little pod things on it as if it were holding seeds, prolly cuz there was once a male plant growing next to it and it shed the pollen. but anyways, please guys tell me what u think.:smoking:

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  2. So you are sure?
  3. well im pretty sure its a female thats been pollinated and now has seeds. but is that still good bud even though its been pollinated? cuz iv seen the female has ALOT of pods near the bud area that all of have seeds in em. i mean is it worth it to wait until it fully buds and and harvest it? will it have as much thc as normal marijuana?
  4. Could just be industrial hemp, can't really tell from looking at it.

    If it is, it will have a very low concentration of THC, and is more likely to give you a nasty headache than get you high. Only one way to find out for sure though.
  5. well is any kind of wild marijuana industrial? what makes it industrial?
  6. High there, I see no girlie bits at all. I think its just a male plant
  7. if it was male wouldnt it have the pods hanging that contain the pollin?
  8. Sorry dude but if it was mine it would get the chop. If it was a female it would be showing white pistils, thats a hermie at best but I think its male.

    Good luck
  9. Well, back in the day, hemp was used for rope, and all sorts of other industrial purposes. This variety of the cannabis plant has lots of strong fibers, but almost no THC. By contrast, the stuff you smoke has been bred to have as much THC has possible.

    There is *lots* of wild industrial hemp out there, because it's been grown all over the place, but it could also be a seed that someone dropped from some bud.
  10. I can't picture what type of strain that is. I know absolutely nothing about wild cannabis plants.
    If it's a female, where are the pistils? Even a female hermie has pistils.
    A male can also hermie. But it too will show pistils.
  11. is it possible that its one of the same gender? male and female?
  12. For that matter I can't see enough to even tell if its cannabis.

    Is there any frosting near the bud sites, if you rub your finger tips on the leaf near the bud do your fingers get even a little sticky? If so pinch off a bit of leaf and get a microscope or magnifying glass and look for tricks.

    Very weird there are no hairs. Maybe is Mexican Hairless?
  13. it is infact very very sticky.
  14. i would say thats dude for sure ,they look like new formed pollan sacks ,looks nothing like the new female buds ,not white pistals at all ,its a dude....cut his balls off .
  15. Maybe a pic a little closer with good focus from another angle would help.
  16. I think it's just a pollinated female. The white hairs or pistils retract back into the calyx after pollination. You can see the shape of calyxes, not male pollen sacs. If you let the bud mature it could be smokable (unless its just shitty ditch/wild weed)
  17. is there any way to tell, if its shitty wild weed?
  18. Smoke it. :smoking:

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