Can someone suggest me bulb please?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bigk, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. I'm wondering what kind of bulb I should use to grow 2-3 small plants out of my closet..... I've heard hps instead of mh, but I don't know what either of those are... I have the stand and the outlet, just no bulb to use,.... can someone please give me a cheap bulb to buy, my money is very limited.
  2. I need a little more info than that.... like brand, what they look like, how they preform??

    Will one be enough??

    My stand can hold on standard size bulb..... any amount of wattage... And it sits right above pointing down... it also has a reflective shade that reflects all the light straight down... pefect for growing, just need a bulb :) :)
  3. flourecents mate.. cheapes u can buy....
  4. I can try to help you out a little bit here. Fluros are thoose long bright tubes that project light. You see them usually covered up by clear plastic buggers inbetween ceiling tiles. They're at schools, gas stations, banks, etc... you'll know it when you see it. Fluros are great for germinating seeds. They can be a real space saver, it you want to start clones while you have another crop going. The drawback to growing with just fluros (from what I understand) is that they tend to produce smaller and more loose buds. But if you're on a budget then go for it.

    Another option to consider is home security lights. If you're in the states they have them and lowes and home depot and stuff like that. Last time I checked I think it was about 70 bucks for an 80 watt hps light.

    If buying a high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp is out of the question (even though they may be cheaper than you think ) Then take into consideration that you need apporixamately 50 watts of light per sqaure foot. (That might not be accurate, it might be more accurate to figure out the amount of lumens per square foot you need.) And you would be pretty restricted space wise.

    I read somewhere that somebody put 2 plants in a corner of a room and had fluros leaning pretty much against the wall and had good results. That came down to using light well I guess, the reflective walls helped to distribute light to the entire plant.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm a newbie too.
  5. Thank you VERY much for the advice.... I went Ace Hardware and bought a bulb for 12 bucks.... that was flouroscent, and was a soft white, and comes about the size of a typical standard white loughtbulb but it is twisty, if you know what I mean you'll know what I mean. It is similar to fgloruoscent tubes, except they are twisted around to save space and project light straight out more like an arrow.....

    If this is the right light tell me please, I don't want to be sitting ehre for weeks and nothing be happening....

    Once I put the seeds in, I waited for the sprouts on the seeds to be alomst an inch a piece, and burried them pretty deep...

    The soil is moist... but not wet, should I water??

    I have the two plants seeded in a corner of a room with white walls too, I think the setup will provide a great amount of light....

    Tell me if this all sounds good, and what I could improve on a tight budget, like fertliziers and such.

    The bulb is 23 w but it supposed to be as powerful as one of 100w, about 1300 lumers I believe... and I have it resting right above where I dropped the seeds in.
  6. yes, that is the exact bulb i'm using. exact, it is 23 watts, but preforms like a 100 watt.
  7. NO WAY! I just found that exact bulb in my house and I was wondering if I had like 2 of those and a 20w fluro on 2-3 plants if it would grow
  8. what if you got like 5 of those

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