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Can someone school me on Pyrex vol. Durable? Taste? One-hitter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GrimloxK, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Okay so i've been consistently been using my ceramic one-hitter and the taste is like straight hot ass. I was looking around soho today for maybe a glass hitter or something and the dude told me to get a pyrex one hitter with a metal screen at the end and it came with a pouch and a poker to clean it for $25 which was very pricey to me.

    So for those who have one hitters do you guys recommend me buying a pyrex and if so why? I'm not too informed on pyrex. Should I just stick it out with my ceramic or would a cheaper glass version give me a better taste?
  2. if your ceramic one hitter is starting to taste nasty, try cleaning it. My buddy has one like that, taste like you were smoking a joint or w.e.
  3. I'd go w/ the pyrex ones. They have a tendency not to smash as easily.
    I was in NYC for about 3 weeks a while back and picked up 5 or 6 pieces there just as I was going down the street. I went to soho and looked around a bit, but I found alot better stuff and prices at all the shops near bleeker st in the village. It seemed like there was a head shop on every block. When it comes to small pipes that you're gonna take lots of places, always look for the thickest glass you can. Mo thick=mo durable.
  4. mr. good thats good advice, the one that offered me the pyrex one hitter was some no name smoke shop on spring street but probably one of the more higher end type head shops in soho. On sunday I plan on hitting up bleeker like you said as well as the west
    4th head shops. I visited the ones in st. marks place today but their more on the lower end spectrum on quality pieces.

    But can anyone tell me if $25 is reasonable or too high for a pyrex one-hitter w/mesh screen, a poker and a small velcro case? I mean I got my big dugout w/ a ceramic one hitter for $20 all together so idk if pyrex costs that much.
  5. That's be a decent price anywhere in America, but where you are you should be able to find a wide selection for that price.

    I'd avoid anything w/ a screen. Look for one that just has a hole small enough so weed doesn't come through, but big enough to hit well. Also, make sure the hole is well-centered to your bowl doesn't burn crooked.

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