Can someone recommend me an auto strain?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    First of all please don't reply something like go n search in google.
    So, i need a good quality strain, easy to grow, good yield and from well known seed bank with fast delivery. (Not more than 4 weeks).
    Thanks in advance.
  2. what one to get idk ???? but check out bonza 5 day shipping !!!!
  3. Reliable?
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    my favorite is Crystal M.E.T.H from fastbuds. very beautiful fruity purple and a high yielder. grown it once before but i had shitty soil and stunted it, so i'm trying it again. very pretty plant and it tastes and smells delicious, almost like candy. you can get it on, very discreet website (disguises the packages) and my shipping took only a week, they actually messed up charging me and i got 8 seeds free, ha. if you don't choose that strain id still recommend the website

    Anesthesia & Crystal Meth Autoflower Grow
  5. Badass plant if what written is true, where u live if you don't mind me asking cuz i wanna know how long will it take.
  6. yes !
  7. in the US, somewhere near Ohio.
  8. i think gyo and bonza are partners very sure . go to bonza they accept credit cards . the shipping you will understand why there strongly suggested and packaging needs to be stealthy they are owning it right now

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