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Can someone post me a pic of an eigth so I can shiw my idiot brother.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BubbaTheBubbler, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. My bro wants me to hook him up with some bud so I was gonna get an eigth of platinum Kush for $45 and hes all like "45 for .8 of a gram?!?" hes a complete dipshit and Im terrible at size comparison can someone please help me get rid of this migraine and send me a picture thanks guys

    Stay High :smoke:
  2. An eighth is 3.5 grams, weed comes in all different shapes and sizes just get a scale
  3. just tell him it's 1/8th of an OUNCE(3.5 grams), not gram. this should fix the problem...
  4. get a scaleo, there's just no way to tell. i've had half o's that have looked like quads before
  5. #5 smoking515, Aug 16, 2012
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    That's 1/35 of a ounce if it's actually .8, a gram should be $20 tops and that's less then a gram and 25 bucks more. Tell your brother he's a dumbass and to either sell you at the fair price or go to someone else. Included is a picture of a 1/8 I had.(minus 2 bowls)

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  6. They don't teach measurements in school anymore?
  7. Here.

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  8. Why even consider buying from this dipshit??
  9. Ahhaha the brother thinks the fraction 1/8 is = .8 ahhah oh American schools, you silly willy, you.
  10. [quote name='"TheTruthIsrael"']Ahhaha the brother thinks the fraction 1/8 is = .8 ahhah oh American schools, you silly willy, you.[/quote]

    American schools are damn good at least in Iowa they are, mine was 98th percentile nationwide. This kids just a dumbass, 1/8th of a gram would be .125. So .8 makes no since, even if you thought it was a 1/8th of a gram.
  11. Key word is Nationwide. We would get demolished if those numbers were compared over seas.

  12. those numbers only represent the stupid people hahahahaahha

    90% of what i know was not learned in school, including metric weights lol weed taught me that shit, which also lets me nicely convert from grams/oz's to pounds hahahahahahahah
  13. ^ Yea I had a jump start when all the other highschool freshmen were learning the metric system for science class, I was like man y'all should sell drugs!

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