can someone point me in the direction of a badass pipe?

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  1. hi, ok im not looking to spend the earth but i want a quality smoking tool,something that hits hard but is cooled to not be so harsh............the pipe ive got now was like a couple quid from a market or something and if i hit it too hard it feels like im dying lol.

    i was looking at a says its the original and best and although the things quite small it sends the smoke through 35cm of tubing before it reaches you.........sounds really good to me but id like some opinions first before i purchase anything and who better to ask than you lot?


    ps . fast replies appreciated cos id like to get this ordered today before business close of day......its 14.15 in uk where i am so ive got a few hours!!!

  2. Step 1: Google
    Step 2: Google Maps
    Step 3: Search for Headshops near ______ (your zipcode or address)
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  3. Go to ***.com. They have the best shit. Or here on GC. They got nice shit too.
  4. i can get it delivered have to pay four pound to go to my local shop.

    i ordered a journey pipe but thanks anyway
  5. besides even if i did go to my local shop, id still need to know a good pipe.....i wanted a general concensus from actual smokers on a good pipe, not spiel from a salesman who will tell me anything to get the sell lol

    incase anyones interested heres a link to the one i went with.
    Journey Pipe - Ultimate Pipe - Pipes -


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