Can someone plz tell me whats wrong with my plants ??!!

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  1. Hi i am a new grower and am having a little problem trying to find out what is wrong with my plants!!

    My plants are just over 3 weeks old (from cuttings ) and stand about 22" tall , im growing in a grow tent , Ussing a 600watt dual spetrum light, with a 4" carbon filter and fan , and 4" ducting from in the tent to outside attached to a fan for fresh air , Im growing in playgron grow mix with pelite ph of the soil i believe is 5.8 -6.3 , .. The temps in the room are 79-82 rh 40-50% day and night is 62-65 rh 50-60%, I have the light about 2ft from tips , I ph the water at 6.3 , run off comes out at 6.7

    The problem i have is that the leaves are very droopy just like they are clawing and going a very light green , I have not yet feed the palnts as the soil has enough to cover the feed for up to a month , ive been watering when the pots go quite light in waight and when the soil looks very dry , I have also noticed that there are a couple of leaves that have brown dots on (only 1 leaf and has about 4 dots next to each other) and on the other leaf they are white ans about the same amount,.. I have been misting the plants quite a bit latey with some canna rhizotnic npk 0.6-0.2-0.6 for stress , advised by my local store so that might be the problem with the spots ? i have looked for mights but can not find anything !

    I did feed two plant's last night with a drop of superthrive and 1ml of aqua bloom to see if they would pic up , and no change as of yet ,

    could anyone plaz help me :confused::confused::confused:

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    Hey! I think your plant looks fine man, beautiful in fact. Where are the dots and stuff? Your setup sounds nice, but maybe you should start feeding 1/4 dose of nutes now. It may contain micro nutrients that your plant is craving for... I'm no expert on this, so you would have to get some more opinons on this.

    It does look ready for a transplant though. That plant will probably more than double, tripple even, during flowering... just so you know.

    I have some of those brown dots on one of the bottom leaves on my plant too. I wonder what that is. :confused:

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