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  1. Those plants are having some issues, but hard to tell if it is temps, nute burn, pH lockout, etc. It also looks like one of those plants got a big part of it chopped off.

    What are your vitals -- temps, how close are lights, pH, nutes used and how much how often?
  2. Hey dude my lights are
    2-4 inches away
    they are only 14-23 watt CFL's
    i have 4 of them set up
    yes a big chunk of it was dead, it is after all a clone
    it got cut off before i was given it, just checked the PH levels
    with a.. Lets just say, Not that great Ph tester
    but it said they are on 5..
    what can i do to raise them i cant check the PH of my water
    i only have a PH soil tester.
    I use
    it is a Power Feeder
    Which contains all your normal crap a nute would have
    nitrogen, Potassium, Amino Acids
    protein etc. etc.
    Ive read up alot
    and i still cant find the problem
    i think i may have over watered it a bit soil is fairly damp, but just Transferred it into a bigger pot an watered that soil so ?
    Cheers for the help mate.

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