can someone please make me a sig

Discussion in 'General' started by up in smoke, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. hey if anyone that is experianced in making sigs could you please make me on? i have a discription.
  2. Forum user: Perfekt makes most of the forum's sigs and does a great job.

    Send him a pm, unless he see's this thread first.
  3. ya i did i sent him one like 3 days ago and he has said know word back unless he is still working on it.
  4. lets hear your ideas and Ill whip you one up
  5. k i wanted my name "Up In Smoke" to be in it with the font weed leaf green with the veins.

    some cool blue couler like a dark shade like blue berry blue.

    a normal stight bong with a cherryd bowl and smoke.

    and eyes that are baked looking.

    if u could make it thakns, but i know it may not be possible. i really whant a cherryd bowl.
  6. [​IMG]

    please rehost if youre gonna use it because Ill be taking it off my albumn soon

    and sorry about the cherried bowl...its just something I whipped up quick for ya and I couldnt find any good source pics of a burning bowl

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