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  1. i realy need help on whats wrong with one of my plants, im new to the growing side of things.

    the leaves are curling under... i have attatched pics.
    the plant i have shown is 3 weeks old tomorrow

    thanks in advance

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  2. Soil or hydro? What kind of each? What nutes? how often are you watering and how much? How often do you check the PH of feedings and runoff? They should not have had more than a few light feedings since they are so young.
  3. What in the hell do you have over them? I mean, what conditions are you growing them in and why the big black plastic? The blag plastic will absorb light, you want reflecting...

    But the plants look healthy enough for nutes, and I see no nute burn, but they do look green.

    In all honesty when was the last time you gave them any water? They look like they're starving for a drink!

  4. its on hydro... nft tank. unkown strain as to a mixed pack of seeds from a mate. im using power grow...leaf A + leaf B. i had the water and nutes on for 15 mins every 2 hours. i check the ph daily of feedings and runoff... ph is 6.2-6.4


  5. i have no board for my nft tank so was told to use black bin bags, with white bin bags ontop. but i took the white ones off as i thought the plants might have been aimin there leaves at the light from the bags instead of my hps light as it was closed.

    started off with 7.5ml of leaf A + 7.5ml of leaf B per 5litres of water, but now the solution is 15ml leaf A + 15ml of leaf B, as i though thats them gettin older.

    there on timer feed.. comes on for 15 mins every 2 hours
  6. I'd put the white back on, they won't "aim" at the white plastic, it will only reflect the light back up. Right now you're just soaking a lot of light with the black plastic, and absorbing/wasting it.

    Try to get your Ph just a little lower. Sub 6.0 is good, and 5.8 is ideal. They don't look overly unhealthy, and your temps look good from the pic.

    Sometimes plants in hydro droop a little, but that just means they have a constant supply of water, and as long as they have plenty of oxygen through the roots, they're fine.
  7. thanks man.also how wil i get my ph down ? i cant afford ph down at the moment.
    and another thing mate, my temp usually sits around 25 celcius as my lights already about 2 and a half feet away from the tops, and thats with a 60w fan circulating air around.

    you dont happen to know whats the best humidity do you ?

  8. just noticed one of the leaves is going wrinkly and shriveled do you know why that is ?
  9. hi mate i think you should get your self some white corri bord get in from any good hardware shop have you tried running the plants on plain water 4 a week to wash the salt build up out of the roots try using pk9/18 from hamer head its great for stablising the nutrients get ur self an air curtine and water heater in the tank to try swapping to canna hydro nuets yes thay cost slightly more but well worth the exspense try hanging a few clf light between the crop as well as the main lamp and make shore the pump is on 24/7 at all times mate

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