Can someone please help me fix this

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  1. Need help

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    The plant looks fucked lol
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  3. You need to provide more information about your grow. Medium, nutes, lights, feeding schedule, pH in, pH out, etc.
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  4. Im in a 4×4 grow tent
    I'm using veg bloom
    -Plus Life
    Growing medium
    sphagnum peat poss mix
    Lava Rock
    Ph 5.5
    24 he lifts
  5. Looks like the moss has the roots drowning... Imo
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  6. Yup
  7. Is the peat moss mixed with the lava rock and if so what is the ratio?
    What is the pH coming out?
    What does 24 he lifts mean?
    What size air pots?
    How often do you feed?
    Why are the air pots on a bed of lava rock?
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    With a 60/40 peat moss/lava rock mix and that size plant in 2 gal. airpots should be fed daily - I suggest transplanting to a larger pot.
    I suggest doing a pH of 6.0.
    You never did say what the pH coming out in the run off was.
    Are you allowing the pots to sit in the run off?
  10. No it drains right out back in to the reservoir
    I can check ph runoff when I get home appreciate all your help
  11. Are you re-using the run off?
  12. No I'm not ..I fed them this I believe they're are being under fed...should I feed twice today?..
  13. those airpots are way small plus you have them at best 3/4 full of grow medium so at best their in what 1.5 gallons of grow medium? then add in the lava rock you added to the grow medium and that leaves very little to actually grow in .... transplant to a larger container would help for sure
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  14. Thanks for your help..are saying
    1. I should transplant into a bigger pot?
    2.add more peat or lava.
    3. I have 7 gallon airpots Should I fill the next airpot with the medium to the top of the pot?
  15. Always fill to the top on any container.
  16. Mine did this when it was thirsty gave some water few hours later it was its usual perky self [​IMG]

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  17. Me too
  18. An update again thanks for all the help. the girls are doing fine.
    MickFoster your xool
    Pat at the Beach your xool
    Thanks for your help Brewsnweed666 is clearly a Douche bag Troll..Stay positive cultivators

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