Can Someone Please Explain E Cigs To Me?

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  1. i am quitting smoking and am going to get an ecig. i want one that has a tank that you can put the juice in and leave in there and you can see it from the outside because its clear. i keep hearing about atomizers, catromizers, clearomizers, and drip tips but have no idea what any of those things are. does anyone know anything about these things?
  2. Just buy on of those ones that are pre made with 500 puffs for 10 bucks. and once it runs out buy a new one. Rinse and repeat

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  3. most e cigs work by using a heating element to vaporise a solution of nicotine and liquid. there is usually an inert material that stores the liquid in the same way a sponge stores water when it is damp. the heating element is called the atomizer, the thing with the material soaked in the liquid nicotine solution is called a cartridge, when the atomizer and the cartridge are combined into a single unit this is called a cartomizer. drip tips allow the user to drip the liquid nicotine solution directly onto the atomizer instead of using a cartridge. if using the dripping method, be very careful as the e liquid contains high amounts of nicotine and can be absorbed through the mouth or skin. If you already have a tolerance to nicotine it will propably not affect you too badly if this happens, however it can cause non tolerant people to become very ill, or in extreme cases, to overdose and die. this is even more likely to happen to a child if they come into contact with it. I am not aware of anything called a 'Clearomizer'.  
    here is a link to a wikipedia page you may find useful.
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