Can someone identify this bug?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by skullbasher23, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. ^^^

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  2. Didn't find any damage on leaf where he was chilling and couldn't see it making contact with leaf but then again I'm a little blind
  3. I don't think it is a baddie, maybe just passing thru?
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  4. its the viri/ bugs that this bug can carry

    thats the real reson to use cold pressed neem oil

    1x time per week

    good luck
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  5. By any chance would u know what it's called??
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  6. cold pressed neem oil is hard to find

    maybe called Azidectin at your place
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  7. I'm not here to advocate spraying/not spraying or any other type of product.

    I'm here only to identify this bug. Which, from the picture, is going to be a crap shoot.

    What is your general area? A state and northern/southern half would help.

    This appears to me to be some variety of True Bug, which display a good amount of individual color variation.

    Based on the absence of a shield type of point at the base of the wings and a more rounded appearance, I'd be willing to say that it is not a Western Seed Conifer Bug. The shape of the Head and Thorax also eliminate the Elm Seed Bug. The width of the head as well as eye to head ratio eliminate pretty much all of the kissing bugs.

    Without a better picture my best guess would be some variety of Rhyparochromidae or Dirt Colored Seed bug, most likely Tempyra biguttula. Probably just passing through.
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  8. Almost wasp like
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  9. O haha I know what that is. I meant the bug.
  10. Appreciate the response. I'm gonna try to take more pics. They're kinda rare but I'll try to find one
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  11. Theres Thead Hijacking

    and then theirs

    Bug Thread Hijacking lol

    one at a time dood
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  12. That looks like it could be from the same family as the bug I found. Looks real similar. Assassin bugs are pretty aggresive. I see those too every now and then. Throw a bug on it and see what it does.

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