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  1. Here is a post from a while back that will help you construct a decent organic soil from Home Depot products. You'll end up with about 6 cu/ft for about 33 bucks. For another 25-30, you can have the organic ferts to get you through your grow, all from Home Depot products.

    If you wanted to do some research, you could find even better organic ferts at your local garden center/nursery. Look for Dr. Earth, Espoma or Down to Earth........all have great organic ferts.

  2. Chunkdaddyo, in your post you said that the fertilizer would last an entire crop, how much fertilizer and when should i use it?
  3. mrbean,

    There are a couple of different approaches you could take. If you truly want to do an organic grow, mixing your dried fertilizers into your soil mix will set you up to do what is called a "water only" grow.

    Use those as keywords in the search function and you'll find loads of information. Check out some of the grow journals in the Organic Grow Journals.Read the beginning pages of Possuum's or Stankie's grow thread for starters and then browse through the others.

    The information there will educate you on setting up your soil to do an entire grow with only watering. You can also build your soil and put a minor amount of dry ferts in, but then augment fertilization during the grow with liquid organic fertilizers.

    This approach can get expensive and confusing but is doable. I would suggest reading some of the grow journals, and doing some research and then ask some questions here, and directly on the journals. The Op's are good folks and will help you along the way.

    Meanwhile, I'll give you a couple of threads to read that deal with organic soil specifically and they also deal with different dry fertilizer mixes.

    Organics for Beginners

    An organic soil mix of mine

    Welcome to GC and lets get you growing some buds!

  4. I like jungle growth from Lowes. Not an attention grabber and inexpensive. 100% organic too
  5. tokereport,

    A big plus rep to you for that find...Jungle Growth is the first potting soil company I've seen that includes neem cake in some of their soils. To the OP, give their soils look.

    I can't find the ingredients on their website, but if they're using neem cake, the other ingredients might be surprising.

  6. If it were available in my area I'd be all over it. Looks like a kick-ass potting soil.

    As Chunk just the addition of neem cake indicates some very smart people behind their products. An email to them requesting information on the base ingredients used might be helpful.

    Good find!

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    How much for a bag with neem cake?

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