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  1.  There are many kinds of all in one nutrient mixes out there like JR Peters, VEG & BLOOM, MOAB, Kelp for less. com even has an all in one they claim is better than jack's or veg and bloom. After almost buying each but then finding entire forums full of people fighting over what is what I've decided instead of wasting more time researching it, maybe I should just ask if any of the veterans in GC have used or tested any of these. I grow hydroponically in 5 gallon DWC buckets. So I am using the same 3 part all in one no ph check Advanced Nutrients liquid nutrients. I've been using the same for years and am finally at the breaking point and can no longer afford the liquid AN nutrients. So if anyone who has personal experience using an all in one or using an all in one but adding a few things please share the knowledge. Those other forums had people with agendas pushing nutrients and also filled with people wanting to fight with anyone not using advanced nutrients. One forum was actually banning people!  I only have a few weeks of nutrients left so all the help possible is welcomed!!  

  2. Maxibloom and Grandma's Molasses. $15 for 2.2 pounds and $3 for molasses, with a "serving size" of just over a teaspoon. Yes, you can grow great buds for less than $20 in nutes.

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  3. Sorry, I didn't see you grew in DWC. So scratch the molasses and here are pictures from a run in DWC. Unfortunately, my garage got up to 120 degrees while I was gone and killed all of it.

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  4. what was your nutrient mix for the dwc run? usually tons of people will throw help toward a question in here.
  5. Greenhouse seeds have started an all in one powder mix. I think that there's one for veg, and then take your pick from indica, sativa , or hybrid for flower. Not tried it myself though
  6. 7 g Maxibloom per gallon of water.
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        I used the same advanced nutrients 3 part no ph mix I've been using for 5 years. I add a 1/2 teaspoon of kelp extract per gallon weeks 2 4 6 with a 3 day flush before flower and a final 10 day flush with just h20 until you can tell plants sucked all the nutrients out of all the leaves. I finish by getting the room as cold as I can and leaving the plants in total darkness for 36-48 hours to reproduce outdoor late October temperatures obviously to triple the trichome build up. I'm actually going to cut down and bring these couple outdoor girls I threw outside as to not waste the clones. Same nutrients used on them.
        Reason I am not in full swing indoors is my water heater is in the closet of my grow room and blew. Had to move everything showing a grow room, lights including braces, entire venting system, dozen 5 gallon buckets, mylar off the walls, plastic off the floor etc. It's been a f***ing nightmare to say the least. Got my last 5 clones in a cardboard box growing on my stove with a couple 100 watt CFL's in the vent thing above the stove ghetto wrapped in mylar in plastic cups changing water twice a day in the sink!! Yeah this sucks, paid for water heater, Sears then te4lls me gonna be a week before they get it!
        So besides harvesting and hanging the plants from the pics, I would like to stop paying over $130 per cycle for nutrients. Sick of paying for water but every time I'm about to buy a powder I find a forum filled with people telling me why its bad! lol Only have about 2 inches in each of the three gallon jugs of AN 3 part grow micro bloom no ph.
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  8. Sorry to hear about all of the trouble you are having with that. Sounds awful.

    I think you will find the biggest support and fan base for Maxibloom as a 1-part. Just look up the K.I.S.S. method and Lucas Formula. Maxibloom at 7g per gallon is the equivalent of Lucas as a 1-part powder. To me it says something when I go into a Hydro store, let them build me a grow room with a $1k budget, and the nutrients they pick out cost me $15.

    Stop burning an extra $100 when you could spend $20 for the same results! :D
    Well after busting ass all day I got the hot water heater replaced and since I had everything tore apart I added a T with a on / off valve to both the hot and cold, then ran those both into a Y fitting with an outdoor spiget , and then connected my flex hose 25 ft (I never use outside), and after adjusting the valves I now have instant 70'F water with a very collapsable hose that is really perfect for a grow room.
        All the extra fittings cost me $15 and the hose is my regular outdoor hose I never even opened and it was $20 I think I paid. But I could have easily got a piece of hose and a hose clamp for $3 and it still would have been cool. So I'm hyped now that IK won't be rolling around buckets of water splashing and making a mess!  Makes it ten times easier to pre fill buckets days in advance so all the crap in the water can evaporate especially chlorine. So even though it was a nightmare, I ended up with getting something I've wanted since starting inside, a water line in the room.
        To your comment about saving a $100, that's how I and anyone growing a dozen or more plants seem to feel.  I can understand buying high end liquid nutrients if 3 quarts lasts you through a couple grow, but I can go through 6 gallons a cycle sometimes. That's like $250 for just the base! Not including any other additives like kelp extract etc.  Plus I noticed that it seems like if you use powders, a lot of people seem to not want to help in this forum so thanks for your input. 
        Like you I visit the hydro store when I need dumb cheap stuff like they have plastic coated metal stakes and regular bamboo for like a dollar to three dollars. So I went in there when I was running low on nutrients and the owners were telling me how they laugh at how many people think that all the additives from AN make such a difference. The main owner actually works at DOW Corning in Midland, MI as a chemical engineer and him and part owner his brother have the shop as extra income. He told me the differences in many of those additives are so minute “It's like having a license to steal” were his exact words. They of course let all the regular customers buy the stuff by the load ( we and dude went to school together at MSU) and that's where he said they make 70% of their $.
        They told me they use the same exact nutrients you mentioned. Maxi bloom grow and bloom I think if I remember right. What exactly do you use? Do you use any additives for flush or anything?
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    that's it? lol
  11. That is it!
  12. through the whole grow? just 7 grams maxibloom? that kinda makes sense because its not like if you give a veg plant a ton of potassium or K it's going to hurt it right? So juyst 7 grams maxibloom? which maxibloom if you dnt mind me asking? I';ve never used it. they make a green bag and a colorfull bag don't they?  You just use the bloom all the way through, 7 grams per gallon?
  13. Right. If you look at the bags, one is maxigro the other is maxibloom. You just want maxibloom. 7g per gallon water.
  14. cool then that's what im going to use. With the grandmas molasses and kelp extract , that should cover everything and anything. thanks man!!
    What kind of hydro are you going to be doing? DWC? If so, be careful with the Molasses and Kelp, shit could go crazy if your temps get to high in there.
  16. I run in simple 5 gallon dwc buckets, 10 inch netpots filled with hydroton. Well I've never usedf the molasses before but everyone tells me they do and I only use the kelp on weeks 2,4,6,8 depending on if I go 10. If I'm going to end at 9 I stop using it week6 with a full flush weeks 5 and final ten days just h20. Doing the flush week 5 I've never had nutrient lock or buildup. But since I've been using the AN ph perfect I've never even had to check my ph because it's identical 6.1 - 6.3 everytime never fails with the AN. dunno how maxibloom is gonna work though. I got my seeds from Bonza today! 6 ree feminized bad ass strains with the 4 chemdawg, 4 liberty haze, 4 headband, 4 pineapple chunk. The freebies they gave me were- 1 x Barney's Farm G13 x Haze feminized 1 Blimburn Cinderella 99 feminized  1 x Green House Seeds Bubba Kush feminized  1 x Vision Seeds Cheese feminized 1x Big Buddha Cheese feminized  1 x DNA Tangilope feminized
    I will be doing a mother from one seed to make my dozen ladies like always. If say the headband is off the hook I'll cycle that many times until I get sick of it and switch. Plus I got all the stuff to make feminized seeds from all these new seed strains. Do not like ordering seeds.

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