Can someone help me with this question;

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  1. I might have to take drug counseling classes provided by a state-run firm. should I expect to be drug tested by them?
  2. yes. expect it weather it happens or not.

    better safe than sorry.
  3. Right. and it is in georgia so..

  4. oh fuck

    yea, dude, expect it haha

    please save yourself the trouble and dont ruin your piss

  5. i think ill do just that. I had a drug eval today and barely passed a pee test..two lines showed up, one of them faint..its only been 10 days since i burned and i feel good. ill continue on this path till the coast is clear:eek:

    in the meantime ill have some saved for the celebration when its all over!
  6. I live in georgia and my friend has to go to those and they test him.
  7. Ah ok. Thanks man! Great to hear from a Georgian
  8. No problem.. Goodluck!
  9. Its pretty decent being sober- i can do everything i liked to do stoned, with a clear head. im gonna be high as giraffe balls in about 4 months though! haha
  10. Can they get you on the first drug test without warning? Hardly seems fair to me but then again it is drug laws lol

  11. depending on the county your in and the cops your dealing with, and your situation, they arnt out to do whats best for you

    theyre out to take your money, and as much of it as they can legally get.

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