Can someone help me with this problem I have?

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  1. I'm 18, only been in 1 relationship with a girl. Pathetic, right? Anyway, lately I've been having a lot more confidence then I have in probably any other previous point in my life. I think it might be myself making me have more confidence just cause lately I've been wanting to find a girl so badly.

    Now I have the balls and everything to start seriously talking with a girl without having to be drunk at a party or something, but I don't know what to look for in a girl. I seriously think I set my standards to high for myself. Although girls openly "hit" on me pretty often and I usually catch a girl staring at me at least once a day, I never do the same back cause all of these girls are mediocre or ugly by my standards. I think the fact that I set my standards way to high has to do with why I can't find the right girl for myself. I'm not really too good looking, but I'm not ugly.

    Bottom line: I'm confused
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    Im pretty much in the exact same situation as you. 18, been in one legitimate relationship, and have been wanting soo much more haha.

    I feel for you with that I have girls flirting with me a lot and act all cutesy around me yet not much goes from that. I definitely feel comfortable talking around and stay engaging( can be bad if you dont want to give mixed signals) for the most part.

    Until recently Ive actually been hooking up with a lot more girls and for me I feel its just a confidence factor. I dont act like a douche bag but Ive just been stepping up in terms of presenting myself. Gotta get some steezy clothes, cool attitude, smile a lot, and a lot of friendly sarcasm humor has been working.

    Just talk a lot to girls and once they start noticing you more they'll recognize you at parties and from there just chill with them and see how they are. Also dont jump to conclusions a lot, if you have a fixed though about what you think a girl thinks of you, you could be totally wrong and she could dig you.;)

    When you hang out with girls, you should try to notice aspects about them that really stand out and from there see whats most important. For me, i love great legs, hair,tight stomach, and a nice smile. So when i notice girls who have improvements in those qualities, I aim to talk to them and then figure out their personality. Personality wise look for girls that in a sense act liek you. My prom date is really fun and is really excited to be around me so thats something i fucking love.

    Anyways My advice is lame but let me know how you spin your game and what usually results.
  3. i think you should get to know those girls that are lower than your "standards" maybe youll really like them for there personality, orrrr maybe those girls have some hotter friends or family ? :rolleyes:
  4. dude big papa... me and you are like the same exact person when it comes to girls haha
  5. Fuck as many as u can. When u are 80 it wont matter what they looked like. :D


    use condoms.
  6. bottom line is; lower your standards... even if you find the really hot girl that meets all the qualifications you looking for, chances are your going to find something wrong with her too.

    no one is perfect. just find someone you like to be around and gets your weenie hard...
  7. Stop THINKING about it so much, and just go with your gut. When you think about this shit too long you kill yourself with your brain, just let it go, love will find you when you're ready.
  8. bomb advice

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