Can someone help me with this deficiency?

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  1. Day 43 of flowering (6 weeks and 1 day)
    White widow's harvest time is supposed to be 8-10 weeks

    Strain: (4)white widow
    Medium : soil (3 gal smartpots )
    Light : 400 watt hps
    Nutes : flora trio
    Water ph 6.5,runoff >7.0
    I thought it was a cal-mag problem,so i bought a bottle of sensi cal-mag xtra (watered only 1 time with calmag so far) but the problem seems getting worse.They are loosing some of the lower/mid leaves.
    I also need some ideas for lowering the RH without a humidifier..
    When should i stop feeding them?

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  2. Looks like N and Cal to me but could be because of high pH, called iron chlorosis because of the lock out of iron. IMO-runoff isnt reliable.
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  3. What's your temp at canopy? Looks a little toasty at the top of your plants maybe? Other then that, that discoloration would lead me to double and triple check water pH, especially if you neglected it most of the grow. It always catches people about half way through flower.
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  4. I had my lights a little bit too close,yesterday i raised the light.
    I always ph my water to 6.5
    What should i do to fix my problem?
  5. You're far enough into flower and have enough green left I wouldn't do anything too dramatic, you got this far. If it was me, next watering I'd give them their normal water, and I'd only add a root hormone and a flushing agent at the most. Damage is already done, so the leafs aren't going to look better from this point forward. Goodluck

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