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    okay so I'm new here so bare with me,okay so about 2 weeks ago I bought a afghan x girls scout cookies clone from some girl for 10 $ ,when I got it it already was about 2-3 weeks old.any way she gave it to me in a 1 gallon pot where it still is, so its already about a month old so my question is when do you think I should move it to a bigger pot? And how many times should I water ? I've been watering it like every 3 days is that too much?
    and lastly I noticed that my plant only has 5 leaves instead of 7 , I'm guessing its a ruderalis? And I heard it only grows a little weed and low thc if so that sucks.

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    Yeah it could go into a bigger pot forsure. How are you finishing it out? indoor? outdoor?

    feel how heavy the pot is after a good watering and judge it by the weight. You dont want to let the soil dry out too much, no more than 1-2inches. I keep a mulch layer on top of my soil so it doesnt really dry out much. its hard to say how often to water cause it depends on the climate, how the plants feeding etc.

    dont worry about how many leaflets it has, thats often due to the strain you're growing and how mature it is. sometimes a plant may only have 3-5 finger leaves when its young, but when it gets big and mature could have 7-9 finger leaves. I've had some plants that never put on more than 3-5 finger leaves.

    There is some spots up on the upper left leaves that looks like it could be powdery mildew, whats your humidity like?

    oh and welcome, to GC and growing pot [​IMG]

  3. ive had multiple 11 leafers i have it put away and sealed in plastic let me see if i can find it
  4. thanks for the reply man and I've just Been growing it outside, and the white stuff it was just dry dirt I cleaned it off ,what size of pot you recommend I use because its in a gallon pot right now.
  5. Watering depends on the plant like he said and it also depends on how old and how big and the temps.your doing fine on watering just wait till the top 2 inches are dry and if the pot feels light your due for a watering and for pot size if your looking for a good size plant especially if your doing an outside grow I would go with a 5 gallon or a 7 gallon and you should be fine an also look up how to lst your girl and you should have a good yield of that dank stuff especially if it's crossed with girlscout cookies
  6. I honestly would put it in whatever pot size you're gonna finish her out in, less stress of being transplanted several times. I would put it in a 10gal pot at least.

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