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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Amarkarian, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. well im at college right now and i wanna have some plants in the woods near my dads house. the thing is i dont know what seeds to buy from grasscity. im growing outside and plants can be tall, what seeds should i order from grasscity? they need to be cheap and have lots of seeds.

    also is buying from grasscity safe? what does it show on the paypal bill? what do they get shipped in? is there any chance of getting caught?
  2. well if your in the US gc wont ship you the seeds.

    i suggest them.

    shipping takes a while and they have a bunch of different shipping methods that arent listed.
  3. try to find some decent weed with a few seeds (i ask friends to save em for me :) )

    and plant em .... thats about as cheap as it gets. the best part is ending up with the best bud a round.

    and there unfortunately is always the possibility of gettin busted buying an illegal product on the internet. and fuck paypal ... use cash man!

    your choice ............. outdoor is an excellent deal .. i HIGHly recommend it :D

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