can someone help me out?

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  1. this my first grow bare with me.

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  2. well shit. i guess im just gonna cut it.
  3. You can cut there if you need to, are you running out of room or something? If you topped it instead of cutting then you will get more growth :smoking:
  4. i topped it a while back, and theres no new growth. yes im running out of room, but where the cut is drawn, the stem is pretty thick, i dont want it to get infected or something if i cut it. it seems like there would be alot of "insides" exposed if i snipped it off.
  5. you probably just topped a little to close and killed those top nodes..just chop that chunk of stem off if it bugs you...just leave about 1/2" ...cutting too close to the new growth can screw it up sometimes.

  6. You could crush the stem if you sqeeze it very hard (Super cropping) that will slow here down in growth and add some yeild :) But if you need to cut it then go ahead, just use a sterile blade as if you were cloning.

    Looks like you fimmed it instead of topping is all, Fimmed = Fuck I've missed :D
  7. thanks for the info guys i appreciate it. i like that acronym lol. ill post some pics later.
  8. How did you upload that last pic? Only I had to click it to see it :confused:

    You can just click on the paper clip icon and upload the images to GC much easier and more people might see it ;). Unless its just because you posted a Bitmap image up, I dunno I use jpg mostly.
  9. idk a damn thing about computers man :D
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    Hey blades here's some pics of my girl after all the stress I've put her through. The lst attempt(s), the transplants, and cfl power to Texas sunshine. She's getting 2 tblspoons of tiger bloom every other day with mollases, and is in some ffof soil with extra perlite and banana lemon compost as well as a ph downer. Could anyone tell me by the structure if this is some real gdp? Edit: there's also a picture of my dogs, for shits and giggles. Enjoy guys and gals.

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  11. Here she is at 5 weeks, and a pick up from earlier. Zoom in on it to see the nastiness.

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  12. I would've edited this in, technical difficulties.

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  13. It's almost that time!

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  14. wow she's looking beautiful :) sooo close now...

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