Can Someone Help Me Out With This ?

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    Big Devil Auto ( Day 23 )

    Under 150 hps on a 20 / 4 cycle

    Nutes , maxibloom

    My res is 2 1/2 gal and i use 1 /2 tsp of maxibloom for the 2 1/2 gal res

    Im not a hydro guy but im giving it a shot

    Ph is 5.8 and ppm is 730

    I had some cal mag issues and treated it with the cal mag from Botanicare

    At first it seemed ok then my leaves started looking blotchy and the tips and side are curled upward some

    Is this still a cal mag issue ?

    At first i gave 7 ml of cal mag

    I changed my res this mourning and gave 14 ml of cal mag ( 2 1/2 gal ) so i dont know if it helped or not

    She seems perky and growing fine besides how the leaves are doing

    Could i possibly given her to much of the cal mag ?

    can someone please help me out with this

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  2. yes it does look like cal mag issue, I would use 10 ml per gallon, less if the leaves didn't look so bad, but yours look bad. It will take a week or more to grow recover and those bottom leaves can just be taken off once you see a recovery.

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