Can someone help me out with info on an exhaust system for my grow cab PLEASE!

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  1. I tried posting this in the Design setup forum but I havent gotten any responses so i'm posting it here to see if anyone can help me in the absolute beginners section:

    My grow cab dimensions are:

    18" x 18" x 36"

    Which to me is enough for 1 plant which i'm currently growing.

    So for these dimensions could I use a 4" inline duct fan like this one:

    HTG Supply - 4" Inline Duct Fan

    and attach it to the diy carbon filter posted in this thread at the bottom:

    Also can anyone clue me in as to how much noise a 4" inline duct fan makes since I really don't want it to be too noisy.

    Any alternatives, advice and tips are much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. that inline fan is plenty I use the same one in my grow in a closet. You can see if for a few seconds in my first video on my channel on youtube the link is in my signature. Noise? uummm, its not loud but its not silent either :(
  3. Hey there bud....usually the 4in duct fans don't make much of a noise...I was in debate as to getting a inline made specifically for the light fixture ($60)...then I ran in to this one and gave it a was like$6...and I works great!

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