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can someone help me identify this

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sharewarez, May 12, 2010.

  1. smoked some of this last night im not sure what it is but it was great!
    was super fluffy
  2. Looks and sounds like you got some high quality marijuana. Enjoy and don't get hung up on strain names. Can't be sure unless your getting it from the source.
  3. ummm well, i would have to guesss that it is dank chron, but thats just me :rolleyes:
  4. looks like a nice og hybrid:D how was the high? the hairs make it look intense.
  5. it got me kinda sleepy
    but a very good high
  6. Mayo kush?
  7. i think i got some lol ill post a pic my plug said its a kush
  8. Who cares the name man, no one on this site can tell you anyway, that shit looks bomb, so enjoy and just know its some DANK
  9. nvm took another look at mine its lighter and less frosty the lungs she goes lol
  10. Well judging by the picture and your description, I'm going to have to say it's marijuana. You shouldn't be smoking random plants if you don't know what they are but you lucked out on this one.
  11. Super Red Expresso Snowflake!

    You lucky guy
  12. Hey th3 chr0nic for some reason your comment made me laugh really hard. Thank you.
  13. that sir, is marijuana

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