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Can someone hear you on life support?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StickyIkyMarley, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Ventilator or however you spell it.. Bout to go drive out to say goodbye to my nan.. Could someone answer my question real quick?

    She had a heart attack, on life support.. Can she hear me?
  2. Most likely, yes. Unless she had brain injuries. Ask the doctor though.
  3. I don't even think a doctor could give you a definitive answer on this one man...I mean, even if she doesn't hear you - is it any less worth saying?
    My take is that on some level...if as the previous poster mentioned there was no brain injury (The fact that she's on a ventilator might be a thing)...she would hear you in a manner of speaking.

    I'm not just saying that to make you feel any better, but think of it like this;
    She's unconscious right?
    You ever been asleep and been woken by an alarm?
    That thing where sometimes the sound is incorporated into your dream?
    If that can happen, then I would say that she might be able to hear you.

    But hey, I think you should go in and say whatever you feel like you want to say anyways. That way if she can, she will, you've said everything you've wanted to, and you won't be left with the question of whether or not you "should have".
  4. The doctors actually could, provided they do the proper tests and such to test for it. By connecting her brain to some machine, they can see the part that say, recognizes speech light up on the machine.

    There's also new technology that allows us to communicate with patients in comas. By attaching their brain to previously said machine, they can teach the patient to associate certain letters with certain thoughts. They'll have the patient, who is still in a coma, think of Tennis for example and that will be the letter "T". Each time the person thinks of tennis, a certain spot on the brain lights up, and the doctors will know they want to say "T" It's pretty amazing stuff actually lol
  5. So did you get a answer?
  6. Why are you saying Goodbye? Are you guys pulling the plug?
  7. People in comas have been known to be able to hear those around them. There have been several cases where folks woke up and remembered what their loved ones had said while they were in the coma. I would definitely talk to her.

    Granny :wave:
  8. gl friend, if you feel you have something you would like them to know, or say to them, don't let this opp. pass you by.

    Even if they can't hear you, it doesn't make it any less meaningful.

    She might not, but you certainly still know her, and are able to talk.
  9. I guarantee she can hear you, man

    maybe not with her ears, but with her heart

    I'm sorry too, dude. next bowl's for nana
  10. By far the longest joint cruise of my life on my way there... I wanna say at least a half oz, I was very zoned out too.. Tis a miracle I didn't get pulled over

    Still didn't prepare me for that shit tho, i'm not good with death..

    Honestly cried like a bitch, said what I needed to say tho..
  11. i feel like that should be one of the ending lines to a corny musical. deep shit, man.
  12. and you know what man, even if there's a chance she can hear you, you might as well go for it. all the best for you and your fam

  13. haha I can see why you'd think that and I agree with you. But it's very true. You may not realize it, but you can say so much through your eyes and facial expressions, it's incredible

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