Can someone give me the basics on soil?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Pass The Dro, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I am just getting into this hobby and I researched the lighting and finally decided on a 400W HPS. The next step I suppose is to get a soil that works for my plants. Can someone give some recipies or instructions on how co make the perfect blend?
  2. *uppin*

    I need an answer for this too...can anyone help?

  3. Im onley in my first grow but im useing a miraclegrow potting mix you can get it anywhere. for every 15 lbs bag of mix i added a small 7 qt bag of both perlight and vermiculite.
    its working very well for me. I read up on it a lot , and am convinced that it is basicly personal prefrence. This is my fist grow myself, just thought it would help
  4. wal mart potting soil works as good as any type of soil.
  5. I made a mix of 5 parts potting soil, 5 parts perlite, 1 part worm castings, 1 part bat guano ... am on my first grow so I don't have anything to compare it with but my plant is kicking butt .. she's about 6 feet tall .. didn't do any fertilizing till about 3 weeks ago .. 1 week after I started flowering ..she vegged for 2 months
  6. yea u could make up a batch of soil but why bother.

    i agree with BPP...just go out and buy some ready made soil and some ok fert and u will be fine.

    mircle grow soil is too expensive and prob does nothing better than walmart soil.

    i buy mine from home depot

  7. Every time a Question is asked about fertilizer or soil, you say go get it at walmart.

    Do you happen to work at walmart and get extra when you reefer people there? lol, juz j/k
  8. well actually i get my soil at home depot.

    but that besides the pt...and no i dont work at fact i hate the me the creeps that some old guy or lady says hi and bye to ya.
    like they make so much fricken $$$ that they can hire people to just creep me out.

    and when u are out shopping there are u are all stoned...checking out the fruit and shavers and shit...u know they got those cam's and even creepier people watching u then also...

  9. dude, that old lady at walmart creeps me out...always talking to me when I come in at 4 in the morning baked. All I wanna do is buy blank cd's! It's crazy...I always feel obligated to talk to them when I'm leaving too so I don't hurt their feelings, especially if I don't buy anything...I'm probably just wierd, but I always feel bad about going to a store and not buying something.

  10. LOL...I get my soil from Home Depot too, and Hempress I feel the same way. I usually just act like they don't have what I'm looking for if I don't buy anything.

    The soil I buy has an NPK of .01-.01-.01

    I mix up 8 cups soil with 4 cups each of perlite/vermiculite and then a couple cups of humus manure.

    BTW...if you really want to control the nutes your plants get than don't buy a soil with time released ferts.
  11. The shops over here (uk) that have wal-mart as a parent company have started using these smiling, welcome people as well. I usually try to sneak past them, creepy is the word!. For my soil I mix coconut fiber compost (dont think weed likes peat) with about a third as much perlite. this is nice and airy and has worked well for me.

  12. I'm a firm believer in K.I.S.S. as in keep it simple stupid. MJ is not called weed for nothing, it will grow amlost anywhere under almost any condition. Why go to a big deal and hassle of buying expensive soil conditioners and mixing up soil when straight off the shelf potting soil works just as fine as any other. For 99% of us growers, we ill never ever see the difference between using cheap soil from Wal MArt rather than expensive stuff. :D

    Also, if you can find something for sale cheaper than Wal Mart sells it for, you had better get it. Because Nobody sells for lower prices than Wal MArt.

    Also, speak up to those old people at Wal MArt, they appreciate it when soemone talks to them, it makes their day. :D
  13. agree its not about the actual old people themselves...tho they can certianly be creepy.
    its the fact that they got so much $$$ that they can hire old people to do it.
    now dont get me wrong...i dont got nothin againsed old people...heck some of u would think im an ol' fart...but its the fact they are just there...but in all reality its the 'eye in the sky' that really creeps me out.
    my idea is that they are sitting up there in the video booth, eating old walmart nonsold candy bars and doughnuts and watching everyone to make sure they are taken shit from the store. it makes me feel like sauron is watching me with his 'eye'

    man this is some GOOD SHIT IM GROWIN

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