can someone give me some pointers on making oil?

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  1. Im going to make oil.. I have two pounds of frosty dank shake... should I use a glass or steel setup? Any advice? Whos done it before? Any help and I would b thankfull..yes I know do it outside.. and 5x butane.. thanks

  2. Leaf works better with sifted hash methods because solvents absorb crap inside the leaves in addition to oils.


    Get ahold of a can of butane, a drill bit the same o.d. as the butane can plastic tip, a drill bit the same size as the i.d. of the plastic tip, a short length (~6") of roughly 5/8" i.d. steel piping with steel caps for both ends. Place each cap in a vice threads-down and drill all the way through the very center of each with the smaller drill bit. In one of the caps, bore out the first hole halfway through with the larger bit, creating a step inside the hole. Screw on one of the caps, preferably with a little teflon tape, and tighten down permanently. Fill the tube with bud and screw on the second cap. The tip of the butane can will fit halfway through the stepped hole and stop when it hits the step. Point the other end of the tube at a ceramic or glass bowl and push the can into the tube until it sprays. The butane should fill the tube, dissolve all oils and spray into the plate, where it will boil at room temperature and evaporate. Stop spraying when very little to no oil is coming out and it starts spitting little fibers out. The resulting goo is unthinned hash oil. Very nice stuff.

    Freezing/cooling the tube before use helps keep the butane liquid while inside.
  3. this stuff is a bitch to work with once the butane boils off - the stickiest sap ever. i ran the liquid into a a square pyrex dish like you might use for casserols or something. this makes it easy to scrape out with a razor b/c there is a flat surface on the bottom and just a few corners you won't be able to reach with the razor. if you put it in a cup or something you'll never get it all out. once you scrape it out put it straight into a desired container - like a glass vial. freezing the oil can also make it a little easier to work with. i would press the razor against an ice cube and then break off the frozen oil to get it off the razor at the end. good luck
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    Ways to help make the goo less messy:

    Mix with kief, shake or unpressed hash until it is no longer sticky.

    Thin it into real hash oil using alcohol. I prefer using the strongest grain alcohol available since it's designed for consumption anyway.

    Personally, I've always just scraped it up with a razor. The razor is set on a surface with some ash on it, or rolled in ash itself to prevent sticking. A little is wiped onto a tiny stem or piece of bud when smoking.

  5. what do you mean by real hash oil. does it get better when you use grain? how long does it take for the alcohol to evaporate?
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    Actual hash oil is a liquid. If dried completely, it's more accurately called alcohol hash, ISO hash, etc. A small amount of solvent is left in the hash to thin it into hash oil. It's a technicality but if I were to buy hash oil, I'd expect a liquid.

    The quality or potency doesn't really change with different types of alcohol, afaik. I've used both isopropyl & ethyl but not at the same time for comparison. I do know that ethanol is much less toxic than isopropyl alcohol, and that's why I use it for hash oils.

    Pure alcohol evaporates very quickly but is not available OTC. How quickly the alcohol solution you use evaporates depends on the concentration, amount, temperature and airflow. Larger batches of hash will usually take longer to dry but can be spread out to dry just as quickly.

    edit: When drying it completely, it shouldn't matter whether you use isopropyl or ethyl. Only when you leave some in to lower the viscosity does ethyl become preferable.
  7. Put an inch of water in your dish and the oil will float on top. Use the tip of a knife or something to gather it up... It'll cling to the tip of the knife and it's easy to collect it all into a blob.


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