Can someone explain why herms are bad

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  1. To my understanding they are bad becouse they pollinate other plants and themselves.. But they still produce the same buds they would have only with some seeds in it.. So what is the big deal? Ive heard it could maybe very slightly reduce the quality of the bud and weighs it a tad bit more with seed weight.

    So basicaly im wondering what is the difference between a pure female flowering plant and a herm flowering plant?

  2. Study your post, the answers are there.
  3. Not as potent,low quality. but I have to tell you I have smoked some low quality (full of seeds) pot and it was freaking strong (probably indica )
  4. Ok. So that's it? Not so much of a big deal for small growers than.
  5. Same thing as eating at MacDonald's VS eating at McCormick & Schmick's.......It is all comes down to quality.


  6. I got it. I'm a first time grower. So I don't realy mind it being seedy or low quality. Just trying to learn and have a successful grow. But I was thinking if the bud growth is going to be bad becouse of herms than its a waste of time.

  7. Oxymoron of the week? How can you have a successful grow if your bud is low quality and full of seeds?
    The two are at opposite ends of the spectrum man
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    So it certain to be low quality? No matter what? I ment I don't mind if it's not as good as it could of been as long as I can get a decent yeild from it. I don't mind seeds either. I can just pick them out the best I can. Just want the bud growth to be good.
  9. I mean if you let it completely hermie and pollinate itself, then yeah it will be poorer quality and lower yielding since the production is diverted from bud into seeds.

    If you actually diligently plucked off the banana's and don't see many swollen calyxes (producing seeds) then it will be good.
  10. Dude of course it's lesser quality. Where there used to be stuff to smoke is now seeds
  11. I would recommend you not to waste your time on hermy plants but to grow female plants and do not let them to hermy by providing them (not stressing them) with good environment.You will be rewarded for your time.
  12. The seeds I got came for seedy buds. Idk who grew it. So I'm just trying to be prepared by making the best of it. Just to prove to myself i can do it before i spend money on good fem seeds. If I can get them to grow and produce some bud than its successful. Thanks for the help. Just wasn't entirely sure how bud growth was affected.
  13. Well you can grow fantastic sinsemilla from bagseed my friend.

  14. Yes. These seeds came from some very good medical herb that someone grew. Just not sure of the genetics. It was very seedy. But still potent
  15. The seedy bud was probably a hermie itself, and you got the hermie prone seeds which hermied

  16. they havent hermied yet.. No sign of sex so far.. But im expecting herm city
  17. Well they won't herm until they at least show sex.
    They may never herm at all. Perhaps your grow won't be as stressful as the original
  18. If a plant gets pollinated/grows seeds, it's not a guarantee that all seeds will ripen. Most times that I pollinate a plant, alot of the seeds remain under's next to impossible to pick all these tiny white seeds out. Even a really great strain will be of average quality once it's seeded and de-seeded.

    I've made seeds of most of my strains that I run and the leftover, de-seeded weed is nothing like the sensimilia.
  19. ^ this man speaks gospel
  20. [quote name='"Cody0103"']

    Yes. These seeds came from some very good medical herb that someone grew. Just not sure of the genetics. It was very seedy. But still potent[/quote]

    U are full of oxymorons aren't you. I really doubt it was medical grade if there are seeds in it. They would not take that shit If there were seeds in it my friend. I think some one tricked u into buying there sac

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