Can someone explain this weed trip?

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  1. I'll keep it simple.

    First time smoking weed, I hit the bong 6 or 7 times, on the last time I get a huge rip and swallow most of it, start choking and coughing. (Literally swallow, sometimes I could burp up stale smoke, even days after.) About 15 minutes later we get bored and decide to go for a walk. I can't feel anything at this point but as soon as we start walking, I notice the grass suddenly looks like it's waving, like its water. I can barely walk straight and feel like I'm going to fall over. My friends hold me up. I start panicking, my heart feels like it's racing.

    Visual distortions experienced include sharpened colors, strobe light vision. Almost an out of body experience effect, it seemed as if I was looking through my eyes from a stage, as if at the movies. (The high was similar to what I've experienced when on nitrous oxide; disconnection between mind and body.) There was also some weird time dilation effect, I would look to my right and time would seem to dilate and expand. Also temporal slowing, time seemed to pass very slowly, I could seemingly think multiple things in a split second. Severely impaired reaction time. I don't remember any dry mouth, or increased appetite, but my heart definitely seemed to be beating faster.

    I felt these effects on and off for about 8 days. I would wake up in the morning and feel fine, but a few hours later the high would suddenly blast me off my ass, visual effects and all. In the days following I felt constantly dizzy, almost flu like symptoms, inability to concentrate on one thing, I couldn't even hold a conversation for longer than a few seconds. There was also mild to extreme anxiety experienced through all of this.

    Was I just severely intoxicated, or is this a warning sign of something bigger, maybe psychosis?
  2. Just sounds like you were really really really high. 6 or 7 bong hits with some nice weed even gets me nice and toasty, and it being your first time you wouldn't have any tolerance and it seems like you have a very low tolerance to begin with. There can be kind of hangover effects the next day, particularly if you are just starting out (which you were) and if you go to sleep while still high. The anxiety probably popped up because being high was a completely new sensation and experience, it overloaded your mind and it didn't know how to process it so it sent it into a panic. If you think about it the THC and other chemicals on the plant is a defense mechanism, designed to deter animals from consuming it, humans just find it enjoyable.

    Do you listen to protest the hero btw?
  4. weed psychosis is not real if thats what youre referring to. youre just not used to the herb and you may have smoked a little too much the first time. the after feeling you expirienced was probably a combination of being burnt out and your imagination.
    i dont think there's anything wrong here.
  5. This.
  6. Quit using the word trip with weed, I am getting sick of hearing that.

    I don't care if you just ate a whole batch of brownies made with the dankest bud, you're not going to have a psychedelic experience similar in any way to let's say, LSD.

    You smoked too much man, marijuana is pretty intense to the new smoker.
  7. 6 or 7 bong hits, thats a lott for a beginner man, i know people who have been smoking for like 1 year and 6 or 7 bong hits inhaled properly with good bud would make them vomit lmao
  8. Sounds like you were really high to me :confused:
  9. Well first, you don't "trip" off of weed. Trip is something that happens when you take acid. You just sound like a complete "druggy" if you use trip and weed in the same sentence..
  10. yo my friend had this same thing. he never explained wut he experienced but he said he would bug out and feel the sameeffects days later. he stopped smoking after that cuz he said he didnt want it to happen again but a cuple months later he was burning again and hes fine till this day. mayb take a little break take some yoga classes and try again with a small amount. good luck
  11. that's crazy shit bro. my first time high was crazy and scary for me. i took like 3 diesel hits and all of the sudden i was so paranoid like my heart was beating fast as hell and i thought i like totally left the earth. really freaky man :eek:

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