Can someone explain the Rasta?

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  1. I know that it is the Rastafari movement but I'd like to know a bit more about it. Could someone explain?
  2. Unfortunately, the origin of the Rasta culture is unknown.

  3. Its a version of Christianity that many lost college kids try to be apart of because of Bob Marley and they think it gives them the right to smoke weed
  4. Haha, I already google'd it and had known about it a bit from bob marley but was hoping for a bit of a deeper explanation.
  5. is this related to Rock or Punk..?

  6. haha wat. It's related to religion.
  7. the thing is, i think i recall reading somewhere the rastafarian movement is only for black people idk....anyone know anything about that?
  8. Some groups believe it's for blacks only and some don't, depends.
  9. yeah but no definitive info....
  10. Ima just say white dudes with dreads is funny to look at IMO...just aint rasta your white, damn

    My uncle rocks cornrolls, but hes fucking nuts :laughing:
  11. being a rasta should be more about the feel...not color or background...if one can use marijuana to commune with his/her deity, that really should be all that matter imo....
  12. This is basically the Rastafarianism that you'll see.

    But it is a legitimate belief set though that believes Halle Silase (sp?) is a reincarnation of god or maybe jesus, I never really understood the whole holy trinity thing, but apparently they are one and the same along with a holy ghost???. So unless you really think that god/jesus decided to come back as the king of Ethiopia and defend it from Italian colonization, then you probably aren't interested in becoming a Rastafarian. But that's no reason not to listen to Bob Marley and throw Jah into everyday sentences.
  13. yeah that Ras Tafari ethiopian guy in the 1930s i think....he is supposed to be the god figure or something but i remember dismissing that straight off...
  14. seems perfectly reasonable to me...i mean he did cause ethiopia to be the only african nation not to be colonized...must be god right?
  15. actually, ethiopia was colonized late in the game during the rush for africa in the early 20th century by italy....

    man as god? way is pathetic...god is the bomb....:smoke:
  16. Wow, you're right. I've definitely be taught on different occasions in different classes/schools that Ethiopia never was colonized. I guess it makes for a better narrative than "Ethiopia was colonized, but not for that long, so its rather unique."
  17. correct me if im wrong....but from what i've heard (which does consist of bullshit sometiens) i heard that the ethiopian king Jah was liike a demi-god to the ethiopians and they all loved him, but as his age was increasing, so was the need to colonize all of afriiica. But the ethiopians (Jah in particular) didn't want to be colonized and opposed modernization, and the rastafari movement is doing shit without modernizing..keepin shit classy pretty much and the lion represeets Jah who descended down from the heavans above to oversee people and shit

    and smooking weed is included, like a dish tv bonus package with free hbo :D
  18. Rastafari may be classified as a religion but it is more of a way of life. It teaches values of love brother AND sisterhood taking life easy, as in not stressing what you can not change, and keeping the body pure as in the ital diet. Rasta is a counterculture usually resisting mainstream influence and western materialistic ideals. You can be guided in Rasta through your bredren but the choice in how you practice is ultimately up to you as long as you uphold the values of love peace and Inity (unity). Haile Selassie I is seen by Rasta as the divine reincarnation, and he is not believed to be dead, but living on as a hermit under the name Abba Qiddus somewhere in the African wilderness. This is only an introduction to the vast culture that is Rasta which is so much more than weed and dreads, and it is much more than I could ever tell you so you will have to look further into it on your own. Google is great but youtube also has many great videos explaining what Rasta is and it is usually coming from the mouth of a fully devoted Rasta so you can get an idea of what a Rasta looks talks and thinks like, may I suggest the youtube channel islandmysticfilms. I am only speaking on this because I went seeking Rasta myself and while I do not claim any particular religion seeing as I find truth in all religion that preaches truth love and brotherhood if I absolutely had to pick one I would probably go Rasta. Wikipedia is a great introduction but if you truely want to learn you're go much deeper into the rabbit hole than internet sources.

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