Can Someone Explain 18Mm, 18.8Mm, 19Mm And 14.5Mm, 14Mm

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  1. Can somebody explain the mm stuff to me I'm new to g on g.  The description for my piece says it's
    18 mm but the descriptions I see on some pop websites are for 18.8 mm is that all the same, are they just rounding down or up in the case of the 19 mm description? 

  2. 14.4=14.5=14
    Downstems are usually 14/14, 18/18 or 14/18. if you have a 14/18 downstem your bong has an 18mm joint and your slide is 14.
  3. thnks that helps
  4. Hope this helps.
    l 18-18.8-19  l
    \n-Love me some bong rips.

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