can someone die frum sniffing tyleanol

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. i have a friend hu sniffed tyleanol and is feeling sick can he die frum it
  2. Yes you can. How many miligrams did he take. And on another note, why!?
  3. fuck !!!!!
  4. like a pill or 2 crushed up
  5. these days... i hope he didnt know that it was tylonal because if he did that on purpose he may very well diserve to die...
  6. nah ur good i know some kid who was selling kids crushed up tylonel as coke lol.
  7. a pill or two is fine.
    But why the hell would someone snort that shit?
  8. lol naw i dont do that shyt .. even ask chronic judge lol .... its a she and she took em but ye she took 2 pillz
  9. Edit; he don do drugz. lol yeah no but seriously he doesn't lol.
  10. Weed is a drug, but anyways - my bad, haha. Usually when I do stupid shit like this, I will change my identity. :smoking:
  11. i do weed thaz a fact lol I LOVE WEED
  12. He doesn't do drugs.. drugs do him lawl
  13. haha sniffin tylenol... that musta burnt like a motherfucker lol.. as long as he didnt take over 5000mg of the stuff he should be fine...

    btw 5000mg is like 10 extra strenght pills.. depending on your weight you could die off of less tho
  14. I wonder if it was extra strengh :O.. and she's like 120 pounds..
    Im pretty sure she told him she was throwing up and stuff
  15. well 2 pills is probably the reccomended dose. I wonder why she is so sick
  16. Guys let's go get FUCKED UP ON TYLENOL.
  17. only if theyre Tylenol 3s.
  18. stick with lsd:hippie:

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