Can someone describe the high feeling?

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  1. I've always tried to make a detailed explination but I just don't have the vocabulary to describe how being high feels. It's a feeling like no other.

  2. For me at least, since I know some people get a different experience from being high.

    A magnitude of waves of positive vibrations flowing within, throughout and around the body as well as the mind.
  3. Dopamine rushing to the skull
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    A Blunt to the dome makes that wild cat roam
  5. thru the desert, with no friends and no home. Only thing that keeps that wild cat going, is another blunt to the dome.
  6. Like im wearing a headband that rubs my temple(s) with tittys..
    and like gravity is weighing down on me a little bit physically..
    then hunger
  7. It feels euphoric. It numbs my body, but also gives it a slight comfortable feeling to it. It slows my perception of time very slightly, and makes me attempt to concentrate more, but I sometimes find it hard. It's fucking impossible to explain really, considering it will affect everyone differently. 
  8. I've heard someone describe it as a mask of tiredness
  9. life becomes like a movie but your watching. life becomes like a dream. but its real.
  10. Wildcat likes his blunts fat, like his female wildcats
  11. Being high, Hmm It's kinda like your body being incredibly relaxed and induced into a CBD coma couch lock, Whilst your mind and heart and spirit flourish with energy and excitement. It's incredible like two complete opposites coming together. One big contradiction.
  12. When it's the weekend i like to get high as hell then fall asleep.  I'm in the dream but i can control what's happening it's like.... like.... being high  :bongin:

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