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Can someone define these words for me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BroughtFromHome, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. I know I could look it up, sorry.

    Nug (something like that)
    Kief (not sure if its just left over weed)

    Also I'm still kinda unsure about the difference between blunt and joint. Isn't a blunt like if you took tobacco out of a cigarette then put weed in it and a joint is rolled by yourself?

    Thanks. Total nub.
  2. your telling me you have 43 posts on a pot website and have no idea about anything about it??
  3. Umm ever heard of Bing?
    Google it.

    *It made sense in my mind
  4. Well EXXCUUUSSEEE ME. I asked for four definitions. Sorry I'm not a weed connosoueir.
  5. Ever heard of reading the post I made? I did point out that I could look it up on my own, but I'd rather hear what you guys would have to say. Sadly all I get is negative responses.
  6. Roach is the end of a joint or blunt where you hold it, Nug is short for nugget as in nugget form bud. Resin can be a few things but most commonly the black/brown goo in your peice after you use it. Keif is the crystals (trichomes) on the weed, if you have a keif catcher on your grinder or a keif box the bud sits on a screen and the crystals that fall off fall through the scene into a chamber where they can be retrieved and smoked or heat pressed into hashish. Blunt is a Cigarillo emptied out and refilled with weed or a blunt wrap filled with weed. Joints are weed rolled in rolling papers.
  7. Roach: Is the little paper filter that is in joints.
    Nug: It's the buds that are dense and look like nuggets. It's break down and smoke.
    Resin: The nasty black shit that is left over from burnt weed in pipes and bongs. Don't smoke it it's fucking gross.
    Kief: it's the really fine crystals that is on dank. It collects in some grinders. If you smoke it it will get you really baked.

    A blunt is when you take a cigar, usually cigarillos, and take the tobacco out and fill it with weed and roll it up and smoke it. A joint is where you have rolling papers and a roach. It's like a weed cigarette.
  8. #8 cball, Feb 27, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 27, 2014
    Because you are being lazy and expect people to cater to your desires...when the info is already posted on the internet all over the place.. :confused_2:
    btw, if you had read what others had posted already you wouldn't have made this thread...
  9. Like my sister tells my 8year old nephew "you're too old to be using other people's brains"

    That's a whole new level of lazy

    And at the risk of sounding like a bitch, I can't help but point out the same amount of time and energy spent to login to this site and make this post could have been spent googling the answers to these questions

    *It made sense in my mind
  10. Yeah seriously op, you could have entered those words into google way more easily than logging on to grasscity, and making a thread. might want to stay away from the herb if you are already this lazy haha

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  11. the paper filter is just called a filter, or a crutch. A roach usually specifically refers to the little unsmokable end of an unfiltered joint.
  12. Ah didn't know that. Me and my friends always call filters roaches.
  13. Apparently not a spelling connoisseur either (; and a roach is the end of a blunt/joint. Nug means weed, resin is the black shit that builds up on the inside of pipes, which is basically condensed smoke. A joint is rolled with a paper, a blunt is rolled with a cigar or cigarillo with all of the tobacco stripped out. Please dont ever take the tobacco out of a cig and fill it with weed, the paper is bleached and its really unhealthy.
  14. not insulting you just seems a little odd.
  15. Yeah a lot of people I know do too, it's one of my pet peeves lol. if it makes you feel better one of my girlfriends thought "cherried" meant the bowl was kicked until I explained it to her lol
  16. Im starting to feel like these forums are fully infested with trolls like OP. How do you get on a forum like GC and not understand basic weed terminology. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393475959.170272.jpg
  17. Thank you kind sir. :)
  18. I'm sure at one point you were clueless as what a lot of weed terms meant. Everyone learns. Sorry for not knowing and I will try my hardest to master marijuana. Also it's not being a troll, it's asking a simple question.
  19. Thank you for being nice too. I've heard of people smoking resin no getting high, is it really worth the taste if your dry?
  20. Why did I expect to see people like you lol. The internet is so wonderful. Sorry you ever saw this thread, have a nice day.

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