Can someone clear up this huge contradiction amongst different growers please?

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  1. Trying to figure out how many plants I have to grow at a time in order to produce about 8 oz every harvest (or every 3 months). To do that I need an estimate on what each plant will yield. Alot of people say you should expect .5g/watt although 1g/watt is common amongst experienced growers. I have a 400watt mh/hps so that says I should get 200g per plant as a rough estimate. That would be 7 oz at .5g/watt which is just under half pound (8oz). However people say you should only expect to get 2 oz per plant! Im going to vegetate for 25 days before flowering for 9-11 weeks. The plants will all be about 5-6 feet tall. I BETTER get more than two ounces out of them! lol
  2. Whoa whoa, you don't get .5g/W PER PLANT. You get .5g/W. For best efficiency you need to fill the footprint of your light ideally with a canopy of plants to approach 200g total amongst all plants.

    How many plants to fill your footprint depends on strain, pot size, veg time, training practices etc.
  3. i got 2 23w 6500k and 2 15w 2700k lights...but i only have 1 plant right now. i plan on getting double that. 4 6500's and 4 2700's. for 4 plants. i still dont even know if my lighting situation is going to be enough, but im also going to bend them down, and put a grate over them before i harvest
  4. ok, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you. Im thinking Ill need 4 plants and it should get me about 8 oz Im hoping in 4 months; which should suffice.
  5. I am going for 11 ounces with 4 plants, we shall see what happens. I plan on running 6 plants in the future.

  6. I dont grow with hps, but I dont think you can fit more than two fully mature plants under 1 400w hps.
  7. Can't see ya gettin that much from some CFL's...better get yourself about a 600w HPS if you want those results.And you can grow about 5 fully mature plants under a 400w and shit who knows how many autoflowers you could do under one depends on the strain.I'm only doin 3 and I'll end up with about 5oz I got some fat bitches lol!5 zips for just me goes a looooooooooong way!Good luck man!
  8. This is a real question, not a smartass. You can fit 5 5-6ft tall plants under a 400w hps and get a good yield?
  9. Doubt that will be enough light for veg to flower.Maybe for one small one but I'm experimenting with the small 26w 6500K CFL's to veg...working quite well...veggin a lemon skunk and she doin great...sure the voodoo juice has alot to do with it's growth ;)I've tried flowering under CFL's with ok results..that Kamel dude does it tho!My opinion on CFL's,if you really really want to get a harvest,go with some T5's man,the tubes.
  10. Now remember I said depending on the strain..5 fully grown sativas wouldn't work well but I have tried it.the hawaiian snow was over 6ft at the end..was kinda airy buds but def dank...had about 4 or 5oz from 5 sativas but I think that's pretty good for a 400...this all indica grow I've got goin under my 400 will yield much more than that..everything plays a factor when growing just because a dude has a bigger light than u doesn't mean his harvest will be bigger or better its all in ur technique
  11. Im pretty new to this but it is possible to get big harvests with only cfl's. I have seen an 8oz harvest of 3 plants with only cfl's, mind you he had 8-42watt bulbs. You have to keep them very close to the vegetation though obviously. Like I said, I am no espert, but thought I would throw my 2 cents in.
  12. ive seen a guy on here who got either 3.5 or 4.5 zips using 5-6 cfls. it all depends WHERE you put your lights and how MUCH room you have for your plant to grow. a mature plant thats 30 inches isnt going to produce as much as a plant thats 48 inches
  13. 8 oz off of cfls no friggin way,it doesnt count if you weigh it with the rootball,LOL
  14. I grow out big plants in DWC buckets and average 4-6 oz per plant depending on the strain but I couldn't fit more than 2 under a 400 wt light.

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